The Fund for Women in Asia

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Out mssion is providing a voice for women and girls and a disciplined objective approach to funding educational and developmental programs for women and girls in Asia.

The New York-based Fund for Women in Asia is an American non profit organization founded to support and encourage the growth of women’s funds in Asia.  FWAsia is determined to help bring about social change in how women and girls are valued in their communities. We will do that by strengthening local women's groups, so they can more effectively speak for themselves.

We aim to partner with local groups, to help leverage their resources effectively, bringing not only financial resources but also skills, such as management, marketing and fundraising.

We began by helping create and supporting The Women’s Foundation in Hong Kong, and we believe the principles we applied in Hong Kong can be a model for funds in other regions.  More information about The Women's Foundation is available at

We are now actively considering projects related to technology, and are looking at the Philippines, Korea and Sri Lanka.

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