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Buy back the house / studio to the Helms Family - legally

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Petitioning Ralph Suarez, Leah Dilbeck, Hosep Stepanian & Mike Noel Anderson, Brett Hazard

Developer- Ralph Suarez. Let the Helms family purchase their home back AT COST!

(Since Ralph already has threatened the Helms' with legal action on "character defamation", we contacted several civil rights attorneys to make sure that Ralph doesn't have any grounds for lawsuits prior to creating this petition) While Sunland-Tujunga fight against developers ( Snowball West who is determined to take the opens space - La Tuna Canyon), we need your help to save one family home from a developer. Ralph Suarez is a house flipper and “gentrifier” at Dilbeck / La Cresenta who, knowingly or unknowingly, is helping Wells Fargo in their most recent illegal activity, their violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Code. Michael Helms, his wife, Kaz, and their young child, are one of the thousands of families who are victims of robo-signing during Wells Fargo’s well-documented mortgage fraud. They are also fighters: They have an ongoing federal lawsuit against Wells Fargo (now moving to the Superior Court)  to get back their home. The Helms and the friends and the housing activists are demanding that Ralph Suarez cease his complicity in the destruction of people’s lives, and sell their home back to them at cost - $565,000. Ralph Suarez purchased the house for $565,000 in August, after another House flipper dropped the house, after discovering the lawsuit.    Two months later,  he gutted the house out, "hipped up by removing the house's original charm" and is selling the house for $979,000.   Kaz contacted the listed agent Brett Hazard of Compass, informing about the case and the investigation.   He continues to list  - and hosts open houses.  This is how gentrification happens.    Residents get priced and and displaced, and developers take advantage of unfortunate and fraudulent transactions.    The Helms family is involved in an 8 year federal litigation case against Wells Fargo regarding their home. The banks have mishandled the loan documents, have lost the title, and the house is now a toxic asset. (Read the full story at   They have tried in good faith several times to work with Wells Fargo to resolve this, by negotiating to purchase the home.    Wells Fargo’s attorney Raajini Shah emailed the Helms an offer, that the bank will only accept $620k or more. Unbeknownst to us, Wells Fargo listed the property as REO for a much lower price of $575,000 and later selling it for an even lower price of $565,000 in August 2019 in what appears to be closed-door negotiations with Ralph Suarez*. Raajini's letter - DO NOT CONTACT Wells Fargo  Ralph's Lawyers Cease & Desist Letter to Helms  We, the Friends of the Helms Family & the housing activists, do not tolerate this. This unfair pricing is a direct violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Code.* We have been working with LA County who is conducting a fraud investigation in the matter.  In good faith, we tried to alert Ralph Suarez of the ongoing litigation and clouded title. We mailed a copy of the fraud investigation report to Adele Suarez, the officer of Ralph Suarez’s Ribeye Management, and to Leah Dillbeck of Dillbeck Real Estate Agency.  We thought Dilbeck (“built on a commitment to superior service, honesty, integrity and the value of home ownership and family”) and Ralph Suarez would do the right thing and cease their transaction until their case was lawfully resolved in court. Two Brokerin Trust agents  Mike Anderson (representing Wells Fargo), and Hosep Stepanian (representing Ralph Suarez) ignored the litigation and fraud report, and conducted the transaction in a blatant attempt to flip the house for quick cash. Even so, we were further shocked when we learned (from a friend who called to inquire) that Ralph Suarez told him “There is no litigation.” That is a lie. As far as we know, Ralph Suarez is still preparing to flip the house, and he will continue to tell prospective buyers that “there is no litigation.” Buyer beware#. Help us take a stand against those who place profit over doing the right thing, whether they are huge corporate banks or complicit individuals. Help us get the Helms family back in their home and return to their community. Help us persuade Ralph Suarez that it’s not too late to do the right thing. --- *This unfair pricing & offer is a direct violation of California Fair Employment and Housing Code.   Hosep, for example, told Kaz in June the house's "sold as is.  $575k cash only in Mid-June.   No title insurance offered."   Hosep also turned down an offer from one of our friends to buy the house for the Helms family in early July.   A real estate agent will not take back up offers if they already have a pool of flippers to sell directly.     Ralph purchase this house for $565k - with a loan and with a title insurance in August.  # According to his website:  Ralph Suarez is a real estate agent with Dilbeck Realtors in La Canada, California and has been in the real estate business for 20 years. Home Light ranks Ralph as one of the top 15% of agents in Los Angeles for successfully selling homes and as one of the top 10% of agents who sell homes fast. Suarez covers Los Angeles, Glendale, La Cañada Flintridge, Altadena, Burbank, Pasadena, and Santa Clarita regions. Suarez works mostly with home sellers and mostly with Real Estate Owned (REO)  properties. Ranked in the top 250 real estate agents nationwide, Suarez has achieved monumental success through persistence, availability, and old-fashioned hard work. Says Ralph, “I value each and every one of my clients, and I’m determined to make each transaction a success.” - REO = Bank owned - foreclosed houses.    That's what he does.   He takes foreclosed houses, knocks on their door, and kicks people out.    California is a non-judiciary foreclosure state.   That means, many of the homeowners are stripped  of their due process. #ShadowHills   #Tujunga #Pacoima #SunValley #Sunland - WE SAY NO TO GENTRIFIERS.    + La Tuna Fire, 2 years ago, is the largest city fire in history of LA - We were evacuated from our home. Sun Valley and Tujunga residents were both recently evacuated due to fires on La Tuna.  PLEASE save our defensible space.   Pls sign -  

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Petitioning Wells Fargo, Allen Parker, Tom Goyda, Mark Dilbeck, Wells Fargo Board of Directors, Brandee McHale, Brian T. Mounihan, John C. Campbell

Wells Fargo: Stop the Fraud. Buy the Helms Family’s house back from the investor

Wells Fargo: Buy the Helms Family’s  house back from the investor (Individual A) who participated in this closed door sale, and sell the house back to the Helms Family, who are the legal owners.   This petition requests: 1) We demand that Wells Fargo immediately purchase the Helms family’s house back from the local house flipper (individual A) to whom they made this illegal sale, with clouded title, while it is still in an active and ongoing Federal lawsuit. We demand Wells Fargo negotiate with  the Helms Family and give them an opportunity to purchase the house. 2) Wells Fargo present the lawful transaction records for the sale of the house, and payment to the "investor" Bank of America upon the sale and  3) Bank of America submit the note to prove they are the "owner" of the house.    Wells Fargo continues its unethical operations and continues to generate fraudulent documents in their home mortgage business, even after they were Federally fined in 2012.   The homeowners are tired of  Wells Fargo’s continued use of fraudulent and robo-signed documents to foreclose and evict people from their homes.  Since 2008, almost 10 million homes were lost and many of these homes were foreclosed in a systematically fraudulent manner.   The Helms family were one of those families.  Since April 2017, The Helms Family  have had pending litigation against Wells Fargo in Federal court (now in appeal).     However, on Oct. 2017, they were evicted by “Bank of America” who  bypassed laws that were intended to prevent such evictions.   That eviction happened a day after the family learned that Mr. Helms needed to have open heart surgery.   The Helms Family  didn’t want to expend the energy to fight an eviction case in California State, a non-judiciary foreclosure state at a time when Mr. Helms. life was in danger.     Last month , on July 17, 2019, even as Wells Fargo feigned interest in selling the house back to the Helms, Wells sold their home to a house flipper/real estate agent (individual A) without notifying the Helms family.  Because of the ongoing federal lawsuit and the clouded title on the house, this was not supposed to happen.  This is URGENT.    Our concern is that The House Flipper  (individual A) will sell this toxic asset at an inflated price to an innocent buyer even though he knows there is a pending and active Federal case.  According to his website, he specializes in foreclosure houses so there is a pattern to suggest he will take this action.    In fact, he told a friend of the Helms Family, who called to inquire about purchasing the house, “There is NO litigation. The former owners are crazy.”   The Helms family also  received a “Cease and Desist”  letter from individual A’s attorney, Richard L. Goor, Esq. SPILE, LEFF & GOOR, LLP.    We believe this letter is an attempt to conceal the information in this lawsuit from possible buyers.     When we asked Richard Goor for a price on the house, their answer was:   “(individual A) tells me that he doesn’t want to sell for less than $750k (he is doing some remodeling in the home and has money invested in it).  He also tells me that he will not enter into any negotiations unless and until the sign is removed.”.  (The sign he is referring to is a banner erected on a neighbor’s property warning people of the fraudulent foreclosure, robo-signing, and information regarding the current and ongoing Federal lawsuit) So it is obvious he has no intention of selling the house to the Helms.   Wells Fargo’s recent advertising campaigns have acknowledged their wrongdoings and  have promised to “make it right and rebuild trust”.   Well, here is your opportunity, Wells Fargo: Buy back the house from Individual A and resume your discussions with the Helms family.   The Helms family are entrepreneurs and artists: Michael is a talented photographer,  Kaz is a teacher and a media coach, Erin, a singer and a student. They ran their small businesses from their home studio (attached to the house), which was taken away when they were evicted even despite the on-going lawsuit.   This has impacted their ability to continue to make a livelihood and raise their young child.   This was the house actors and artists gathered during the holiday season.   Through determination and a loyal clientele, they have managed to meet all their financial obligations and pay their bills throughout this 7-year struggle. In spite of having to endure a mind-numbing sense of instability, all they have ever wanted was a loan modification, to enjoy their home, and earn a living.    In California - the rise in shell companies and “ghost banks”, that buy foreclosures with fraudulent ownerships and fake paperwork is finally coming to the attention of our legislators as a significant contributor to homelessness.  House "flippers" or "gentrifiers" are known to be a large part of the problem due to non judicial foreclosure processes which exacerbate these homelessness issues.    California Decision for Borrower Post Sale in Eviction Proceeding Newsom steers $331 million to renters, homeowners after court says state misused funds We need your help.   And let’s save one home at a time.   From the Friends of Kaz & Michael March and Rally LA Americans Against Fraud Closure   ACCE    More on  2 Cities To Pull More Than $3 Billion From Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline Wells Fargo downplays NRA links after El Paso, Dayton shootings Borrowers can sue Wells Fargo over mortgage modifications U.S. watchdog seeks record fine against Wells Fargo for abuses - for auto insurance and mortgage lending abuses      

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