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Ohio should be seen as the gold standard of voting when it comes to our elections. That means knocking down barriers to participation, expanding access to voting, and making sure every single vote is counted. Contrary to what we heard in 2012, Ohioans do not have to choose between fair, honest elections and high participation in the democratic process. Voting is the great equalizer in our state and our country. Your right to vote is one of the most fundamental liberties and a crucial piece of our nation’s history. When we exercise our right to vote, we are all equal. Steelworker or CEO, our vote counts all the same. Voting rights are not a Republican issue, or a Democratic issue. Your vote is your voice, and the only way our democracy works is if everyone’s is heard. The Secretary of State’s office should be helping Ohio’s small businesses survive and thrive. There are many tools we could put in place that would break down obstacles that many people don’t even know exists when they start a business—until they are penalized for it later. We need to support small business owners and encourage more people to pursue their dreams. When small businesses in Ohio are succeeding, more jobs are created.

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