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Install lifts at Erskineville Station

LIFT ERKO! In February 2014, Friends of Erskineville conducted a community survey to gauge community concerns and guide our future direction as a community group. About 170 residents replied to the survey, providing detailed responses. One of the most important issues identified in the survey was mobility access at Erskineville Station. Urban consolidation in our area will put increased strain on Erskineville Station. The development at the Ashmore Precinct will effectively double the population of Erskineville over the next 10 years. The Friends of Erskineville’s survey results showed that residents overwhelmingly felt this development would have negative impacts on public transport crowding, traffic, parking and congestion. This sentiment is backed up by an AECOM study commissioned by the City of Sydney in 2012 and by the most recent train loading figures showing that during peak hour, train loading regularly exceeds 130% at Erskineville Station. Furthermore, the changing demographic in the inner city, particularly in Erskineville, means there is an increase in young families and consequently parents with prams and strollers. The NSW Government can act now to meet the demonstrated need and avoid local community concerns about the Ashmore Precinct Development by installing lifts at Erskineville Station. The costs for the installation of lifts could be met by infrastructure contributions from developers of the Ashmore Precinct. We note the Government’s recent announcement that installation of a lift at Redfern station will begin soon and consider this an appropriate timeline to also commence work on improvements to access to Erskineville station for the mobility impaired. We seek the Government’s commitment that it will install lifts at Erskineville Station with works beginning no later than the end of 2017. A letter to Ministers Goward and Berejiklian to this effect was sent in early November 2014, but to date no response has been received.

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