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    O Canada, our home's on Native Land

    The Federal Government has opened our national anthem "O Canada" to positive change in officially replacing the line "In all our sons' command" with the gender-neutral "In all of us command." As a way of respecting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Bill C-262, and acknowledging the presence and ongoing importance of Indigenous peoples in our country. We,the undersigned, request that the words "Our home and native land" be changed to "Our home's on Native Land." You wouldn't know it. For example, the National Capital Commission (NCC) has confined Grandfather William Commanda’s vision for Chaudière Falls and its islands in Ottawa-Gatineau to Victoria Island. In 2017, it committed to a "pivotal" Reconciliation Centre, which has already been watered down to a "place of special significance for Indigenous peoples" on Victoria Island as part of its 50-year plan, to be revealed during the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming a nation state. We're still waiting. The federal government also wants two micro-parks at both ends of Chaudière Island, far less than the central park covering all the island it favoured for over 60 years. Much less than the $100M healing centre designed by architect Douglas Cardinal which the Liberal Martin government committed to in 2006. It certainly isn't freeing the peace pipe bowl falls, naturalizing the land, and restoring it to its 5,000 year old purposes of worship, (far older than Jerusalem), negotiation and trade.And it's sure not returning it to indigenous stewardship.

    Free the Falls
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