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Press programs center on increasing public participation in three policy
arenas: (a) quality journalism and diverse, local media ownership (b) strong
public (noncommercial) media, and (c) universal, affordable access to high
speed internet. Our strategies include:

  • Web Presence: The Free Press Web site ( and our
    collaborative campaign sites (,,, www.
    offer up-to-the-minute media
    reform-related headlines. Viewers can access the latest research
    reports, national event listings, must-see videos — and with a few clicks, they
    can take action and get involved.

  • Creative Video
     We have produced hundreds of videos
    distributed through popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook that
    have been viewed over 3 million times.

  • Broadcast
    We produce our own weekly radio show, Media Minutes through on in-house professional-quality
    recording studio.

  • Legal: Our in-house counsel works to enforce policy that protects the public interest, arguing cases in federal court and the FCC.

  • Research: Our academic-quality research provides the basis for
    our policy positions, counteracts misinformation generated by the media
    industry and helps organizations that need
    quantifiable data to support their own reform efforts.

  • National and Regional Media Conferences, Summits and
    : Since its inception, Free
    Press has served as the primary convener for the media reform movement. The fifth National Conference for Media Reform will be held April 8-10, 2011 in Boston, MA and is anticipated to bring together more than 2,500  media activists.
    We also host an annual national policy summit in Washington, D.C. as well as smaller regional forums across the nation.

  • Coalition Building: Free Press
    collaborates with hundreds of nonprofit and public interest organizations and
    businesses with whom we submit joint legal filings, co-author research studies,
    and co-sponsor events.  
  • Print/Multimedia
      Our comprehensive
    library of action manuals and facts sheets are available in print and can be
    downloaded from our Web site.

  • Field Organizing: Free Press has turned out thousand of activists to testify at dozens
    of FCC public hearings across the country. 

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