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Petitioning Mark Dayton, John Pederson, Michelle Fischbach, Zachary Dorholt, Tama Theis, Minnesota State House, Minnesota State Senate, Minnesota Governor

State Legislation, Minnesota house of representatives: Impose a law change on murder children. Fighting for mandatory life in prison, "Cameron's Law"

RAISING HIGH AWARENESS.... Minnesota Law on child murder MUST change! "MANDATORY LIFE FOR MURDERING A CHILD" There is a real life terror in this world. The knowing that there are atrocious people out there that have no issue murdering a child. In many cases, Including mine, I have seen child murderers get 2nd degree murder, serve 14 or so years, and are released on parole to walk the streets of society....Endangering more children. These baby killers will devour our children, if given a second chance. It continues to happen over and over.   My objective is to stop child murderers from being released from prison!! The only way this change can be accomplished is if we all pull together and stand up for the awareness of this cause! We must take a stand and fight for the justice of ALL children. Cases like these listed below is exactly why murder LAWS MUST CHANGE. Currently, 5 year old Alayna Ertl was suddenly, and heinously taken away from her parents, on 8/22/2016, by a family friend, named Zachary Anderson, whom they trusted into their home. Anderson brutally beat Alayna, sexually assaulted her, and  killed her. Zachary Anderson is charged with 2nd degree murder, 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, theft of a motor vehicle, and 2 counts of kidnapping in the abduction and death of precious Alayna Ertl, and he is currently awaiting trial. What will his prison sentence be?? 4 month old baby girl Emersyn Morris was dramatically and violently taken away from her mother, on 8/13/2016, by her own father Cory Morris. Morris was watching his daughter, as he always did while the mother went to work. On this day he became annoyed with his daughter because she was making "baby talk" noises. Morris punched his daughter in the face multiple times as well as punching her in the stomach. Corry Morris is charged with 2nd degree murder and he is currently awaiting trial. What will his prison sentence be?? 2 year old Le'Vonte King Jason Jones who was fatal shot in the chest by a stray bullet while he was riding in the car with his father, Melvonte Peterson. Peterson was charged with possession of a firearm and drive by shooting for firing back at the person shooting at him. Chris Maurice Welch was charged with probably cause murder, and he is awaiting charges. It is still questioned whether baby Le'vote's killer is still at large or not. I can not stress enough that there are no strict murder laws in place to fully protect the justice of our children when they are murdered by an adult. All children are innocent, and defenseless. The law currently offers plea bargains, and lesser charges on murder, just to get a conviction. I am diligently working on raising awareness to Impose "Cameron's Law". This law will be the voice and rights for Children. "Cameron's Law" will firmly state....... "Any adult that murders a child, that LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE, will be the end result, no exceptions! There will be no plea bargains offered, no parole offered, felony points will not matter, and a clean criminal record before the offense will not save the offender or lessen their time". Very strict and clear cut. Minnesota should be a state that child murder is considered an abomination.                      THE REASON BEHIND MY PASSION..... On February 7, 2003, My 3 year old son Cameron Norris was murdered. Cameron was brutally and violently beat to death by Samuel Christopher Jones, a long time family friend I trusted. Cameron was completely brain dead and died on life support in the intensive care unit at North Memorial Hospital, in Robbinsdale, MN. ((Tears)) Cameron had bruises all over his face and forehead. He took a real brutal and violent beating. It was later determined that Jones had kicked Cameron multiple times in the side and back with boots on. He caused major injuries to Cameron's organs. There were prints of the boots on his back. In the garbage at Jones' house the police found duck tape with blood on it. It was Cameron's blood. Jones had used the tape to cover Cameron's cries of terror. Jones also slammed Cameron's head into a wall multiple times. Which is what caused him to become unresponsive and stop breathing and also, brain dead. ((Tears))   Jones denied the allegations of murder from the very beginning. He claimed that Cameron had fallen off the counter in the kitchen. No fall like that could put boot prints on anyone. Jones was initially charged with 2nd degree "intentional" murder. The evidence was so strong against him, and the way 2nd "intentional" degree murder is set up, if Jones went to trial, he would be serving 40 years to life, after he was found guilty of murder. Jones, had no criminal record, nor did he have felony points.  So, Jones was offered a plea bargain on the lesser charge of 2nd degree "unintentional" murder. He was sentenced to the max of 20 years, but, with parole. In 03/08/2017, after serving only 14 years, Jones will be allowed back into society and remain on parole until 2023. Jones will also have to register as a predatory offender, for life. I know for a fact, this same devastating tragic situation, has happened to other child murder cases, I've read them. Its a disgrace to our justice system. Justice should be fair to the victims.....Not more harmful to us to the point to where we are victimized further. The justice system setting our children's killers free, is NOT justice, that is hurtful and painful to us!! How is that Justice and fair to victims devastated by a baby killer that clearly has no soul!?!?!? There are hardly ever 1st degree charges indicted when an adults murders a child. That is certainly not fair. Child murderers should have a severely harsh punishment....such as LIFE without parole! My son's case was a very strong with evidence, and Jones could have gotten Life....but because of plea bargains and loop holes in the justice system, this convicted baby killer will go back to having a life, when he killed an innocent baby! My precious baby boy. This case is a prime example of why the law needs to be changed, and many others, I have found! No child murderer should ever be allowed to walk free. EVER again! Please help support me in this fight to change laws!! Thank you so much and God bless you all! 

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