Feral Alley Cats & Friends SPCA

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The mission of Feral Alley Cats & Friends SPCA is to reduce the cat population through our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and voucher program to save thousands of lives one trap, spay or neuter at a time. We believe in educating communities on the importance of getting their cats and dogs spayed or neutered in a effort to reduce the pet population. We believe our voucher program can help reduce the pet population. Our vision is to see that people understand how every cat and dog's live is deserving of human compassion and love. To educate and offer as much knowledge to the public about the care of feral cats, stray cats and dogs with patience and determination to bring positive changes to animals and people. We value all animals lives and want to strengthen the bond between animals and people. Our organization will never give up even in tough times and will continue to do whatever it takes to help animals. Our website is www.feralalleycats.org and please join us in the fight to protect the cats.

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