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    Petitioning Len Jessup

    Keep "Hey Reb" and refuse the new logo for UNLV

    "Hey Reb" has been a member of the UNLV Family since the 1983. He's received many of minor face lifts over time but always has remained that big chinned mustachioed rebel we all love. This new Logo was to update his image to represent our home and it has failed miserably. As a fan base we ask that this mistake of a logo be reconsidered and not put into use.

    Fans of UNLV
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    Petitioning Tina Kunzer-Murphy

    Demand Dave Rice's Resignation

    UNLV has failed to play an acceptable season of basketball under the head coaching of Dave Rice. We've been given the excuse that the he need to be given a chance to recruit his own players. However the only times we have been to the tournament since he's taken command of the team have been with players recruited by his predecessor, Lon Kruger. It is unacceptable to see a coach stand on the sidelines failing to command the respect of his team as much as it is unacceptable for a team to resort to selfish play as much as the Rebels have since 2011. To watch a team go from being a consistent fixture in the NCAA tournament to being nowhere near ranked is horrible and disheartening to the fan base. The only acceptable course of action at the point is the immediate resignation of Dave Rice as Head Coach of the UNLV Runnin' Rebels. We need a Head Coach that can take control of the team and lead them in the direction they need to go.

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