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Petitioning Congress

Get Serious About Sexual Assault: Support the Safe Campus Act

Campus sexual assault has recently become the focus of extensive national attention and debate.  Up until now, efforts by the government to combat this horrific crime have focused on campus disciplinary committees.  Yet most Americans disagree with this approach and instead believe that campus sexual assault is a matter best handled by the criminal justice system—and for good reason.  In cases where the accused student is guilty, the most these committees can do in expel someone who really belongs behind bars. And in cases where the accused student is innocent, critical due process protections guaranteed by the Constitution are missing, running the risk of wrongful expulsion.  Indeed, numerous lawsuits have been filed against schools over the last few years by students claiming to have been wrongfully expelled for an offense they did not commit. Recently, the Safe Campus Act was introduced in the House of Representatives.  The Safe Campus Act gives the criminal justice system the lead responsibility for investigating and adjudicating these cases, with a limited role for campus disciplinary committees. The Safe Campus Act would treat these cases with the seriousness they deserve, bringing those who commit this crime to justice while protecting the innocent from false allegations and wrongful punishment.  Please join us in calling on Congress to pass this crucial bill.  

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Petitioning Taylor Swift

Domestic Violence Is Serious, Don't Shake It Off!

Country singer Taylor Swift has become one of the hottest recording artists in the world because of the positive, upbeat messages in her music.  However, the music video for her new single “Blank Space,” available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ORhEE9VVg, is a sharp departure from those positive messages and centers around depictions of domestic violence. Swift is depicted pushing her boyfriend and throwing a heavy object at him, as well as damaging his property extensively.  In one scene, her boyfriend is lying on the ground unconscious while she violently shakes his head back and forth and kisses him erotically.  While it is left to the viewer’s imagination what happens next, it is hard to believe that it is consensual. Domestic and sexual violence is a serious problem, something that no one should ever have to endure.  While numerous studies from academic and government sources have found that men and women are victims of domestic violence at comparable rates, male victims are generally denied access to most domestic violence shelters and services, and they often have difficulty being taken seriously by law enforcement. This video only reinforces the attitudes that make it so hard for male victims to get the help they need.  Swift has defended her video by saying that it is satire intended to poke fun at the way that she has been portrayed by the tabloids.  Yet it is hard to imagine that anyone would be laughing if the genders were reversed. Please join us in calling on Taylor Swift to remove the “Blank Space” music video from YouTube and donate the profits she has made from it to an organization supporting evidence-based, gender-inclusive approaches to preventing and responding to domestic violence.

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Petitioning Kentucky Fried Chicken

Stop Making Light of Domestic Violence

In their recent “Hot Shot Bites” commercial, which can be viewed in full at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRH9NBcd33k, Kentucky Fried Chicken depicts an act of domestic violence committed against a man by a woman. The man gives his girlfriend a taste of KFC’s product and asks her how she likes it. She responds by slapping him across the face, as the narrator says that the chicken is so spicy that it’s like a slap to the face. While KFC intends for this to be comical, we at Fathers and Families New York believe that depictions of domestic violence should never be a laughing matter. If the genders were reversed, no one would be laughing, and it should be no different here. Contrary to popular misconception, domestic violence against men is a serious issue. Numerous studies have shown that men and women are victimized at approximately equal rates. However, male victims are often denied access to services. The public is misled into believing that only women are victims, causing all too many people to view the idea of male victims as a joke. This commercial only serves to perpetuate these dangerous stereotypes. Furthermore, as discussed in a recent video on the Huffington Post, many male victims are in denial of the fact that what they have endured constitutes domestic violence because of societal stereotypes that abuse does not happen to men and therefore do not seek the help that they need. Executives at KFC should think about the effect that their commercial will have on these men, who deserve our help and sympathy. Join us in calling on KFC to pull this ad.

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