Equal Rights and Opportunities for Female Athletes

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Women participating in sports generally have less opportunity to advance or excel in their respective sports. Female athletes are generally followed less than their male counterparts. Most female athletes have not received adequate support from television networks, sports executives, promoters, and people within their respective communities. In sports, women work just as hard as the men, so they deserve equal opportunities. For the last few years, professional women boxers have not been treated fairly by the television networks and by the boxing promoters in the United States. They have not received adequate coverage within the boxing media.  It's time for us take a stand and PROVE that women's boxing has support from the PEOPLE. They can also sell out venues, gain fans, and bring viewers to the networks! Professional women boxers deserve as much recognition as the men boxers.  They deserve to be recognized for their talent, NOT just for their appearance. The same applies in all sports. Professional women boxers dedicate a large portion of their lives to the sport, and therefore, they should have equal opportunities similarly offered to the men.  As children in America, we are taught that hard work will be recognized. What we aren't taught, is that because of sexism and inequality, hard work doesn't always bring equal opportunities. It's time that we stand up for all female athletes, including women boxers. You can help! Here's how: Come see us compete! We can perform when given the chance, and we need your support! Contact the television outlets that carry men's professional boxing and ask them to televise more women's professional boxing. The same applies to the other sports. Contact the people who can make a difference! Contact boxing promoters and demand to see professional women boxers appear on boxing cards, and be paid similar purses to what the men receive. Ask for fair pay in the other sports as well. Rarely is professional women's boxing covered by the boxing media. They have superstars waiting to be discovered and their stories will touch your hearts. It is partially the responsibility of the boxing media to expose television networks and promoters for their treatment of professional women boxers and support them in the demand for change. There are media covering every sport - they can make a big difference. Please support all women athletes, including professional women's boxing, and join the movement for equality! Help them fight for change! Please sign this petition! Thank you all for your support!

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