Energy Justice Network

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Energy Justice is the grassroots energy agenda, supporting communities threatened by polluting energy and waste technologies. Taking direction from our grassroots base and the Principles of Environmental Justice, we advocate a clean energy, zero-emission, zero-waste future for all.

We aim to empower the grassroots through various tools including community organizing support and advice, student organizing, digital networks, research on corporations and technologies, limited legal and technical guidance, and our mapping project.

Energy Justice Network goes beyond the demands of the traditional state and national environmental groups. We understand that energy issues have profound impacts on many other environmental issues from agriculture to waste, and recognize that low-income communities and communities of color tend to be the most seriously impacted by polluting energy systems. We support a comprehensive, environmental justice approach. Read more about Energy & Environmental Justice.

Energy Justice is the first national organization to advocate a complete phase-out of nuclear power, fossil fuels, large hydroelectric dams and "biomass" / incineration within the next 20 years. We believe that this is possible, affordable and absolutely necessary. What is holding us back is only a lack of political will.