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    Electrify America is launching a campaign to establish an EV Charger Emoji

    Electrify America is launching a campaign to establish an EV Charger Emoji – just ahead of World Emoji Day, July 17. The company has a new EV Charger Emoji proposal since the Unicode Consortium, the governing body for emoji creation for smartphone keyboards, rejected last year’s proposal - saying that smartphone users could use the currently available Gas Pump Emoji next to a Lightning Bolt  ⛽️ ⚡ instead. We realize the Unicode Consortium has a tough job to avoid overpopulating smartphone keyboards with endless emojis. However, we believe the Unicode solution of continuing to represent EV charging with a Gas Pump Emoji is not a forward-thinking approach.  Electrify America has created a new design for an EV Charger that accurately represents the EV industry and the future of transportation to submit to the Unicode Consortium. The updated design is a way to bring awareness to the unique nature of vehicle fueling that millions of drivers who rely on EVs experience – an experience not fully conveyed by the current option of using a gas pump emoji next to a lightning bolt symbol. In addition to expanding the EV charging infrastructure, Electrify America is committed to EV education and awareness. With millions of text messages sent every day, we think an EV Charger emoji can help promote electric vehicle adoption. Please join us in this effort.

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