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Environmental Defense Fund’s mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. we build strong, bipartisan support for transformative environmental protections. By cultivating unlikely political support and mobilizing an army of concerned citizens, we work toward revitalizing our fragile wetlands, keeping toxic chemicals out of our homes and bodies and delivering climate change solutions big and small.

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As America Suffers from Extreme Weather, Climate Action is Under Attack.

July 2016 was the hottest month ever recorded. From coast to coast, Americans are battling extreme weather in a warming world. And in the meantime, our greatest chance at climate action is under attack in the second-highest court in the country.  In the drought-stricken West, the roaring wildfires seemed nothing short of apocalyptic. The Sand Fire alone engulfed 38,000 acres in Southern California and forced 10,000 families out of their homes. But with the most hazardous fire conditions typically developing in late September through December, the worst may be yet to come. And for much of southern Louisiana, the situation can't get any more dire. For 39 straight hours, a freak storm wreaked havoc, claiming lives and forcing residents onto their roofs as their homes were lost to the floods. At this point, it's impossible to directly connect this storm to climate change—but with global warming increasing the water vapor in the atmosphere, NOAA climate scientist Kenneth Kunkel believes Baton Rouge was inundated with more rain than it would've been had the same storm occurred 4 decades ago. We can't keep letting our communities suffer these disastrous consequences of climate change. We can't lose this crucial shot at climate action. We simply can't sit by in silence. That's why we're calling on Americans, across the country, to stand up for the Clean Power Plan. Add your voice today!  

Environmental Defense Fund
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Petitioning E.P.A. and National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration

Cut U.S. Oil Use by 12 Billion Barrels

2 out of every 5 barrels of oil consumed in the U.S. are dedicated to one thing: powering our cars and passenger trucks. We're working to cut that—but we need your help. The E.P.A. and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration together finalized new national climate and fuel efficiency standards in 2012, which would double the average fuel economy of our cars and trucks by 2025. Now, these regulations are up for review. These standards have groundbreaking benefits for our country. With them in place, we'll cut our oil use by 12 billion barrels over the lifetime of the program, eliminating an unfathomable six billion metric tons of climate pollution, and saving consumers like you $1.7 trillion at the gas pump. Some manufacturers are working to weaken these regulations—but these are benefits Americans cannot afford to lose. We're working hard to protect them, but we can't win without you.

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