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Petitioning Consumer Product Safety Commission

Get toxic flame retardant chemicals out of household products NOW!

Many of our household goods—from crib mattresses to couches and electronics—are manufactured with toxic flame retardants. These chemicals do not add meaningful fire safety benefits, but they pose serious health risks. They’re linked to cancer, neurological disorders, impaired fertility and developmental problems. These chemicals don’t stay in the products we buy—they get into the air and stick to household dust. Children and adults alike breathe them in, eat them when they touch surfaces coated with them and then handle food, and they even absorb them through their skin. In fact, 97 percent of U.S. residents have measurable quantities of toxic flame retardants in their blood. Because of the risks and the lack of safety benefit, leading consumer, health, firefighter, civil rights and science groups fought for years to ban the use of organohalogen flame retardants in certain products and WON! The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently voted to start the process to ban the sale of children’s products, furniture, mattresses and the casings around electronics, if they contain these toxic chemicals.  But that victory is at risk. Trump has nominated a new member to the CPSC, Dana Baiocco, who has spent much of her career defending companies’ defective and dangerous products. Don’t let Trump’s nominee reverse the ban. You can help keep the pressure on. For decades, two powerful industries–Big Tobacco and the chemical industry–pushed for the use of organohalogen flame retardants. The Tobacco industry wanted to allay fears about a link between cigarettes and house fires. The chemical industry wanted a new market for their products and they succeeded in ensuring that so many consumer products become hosts for their chemicals. Despite the harm that they pose to our families and first responders, the chemical industry is fighting to prevent toxic flame retardants from being banned. Now is the time to speak up! Your family’s health should not be endangered by the couch they sit on or by their hand-held electronic devices. Tell the CPSC to move forward with the ban on toxic flame retardants.

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Petitioning Chief Jolie Harrison

Protect whales and dolphins from seismic airgun blasting

Federal agencies have determined that seismic airgun surveys for oil and gas deposits in the Atlantic Ocean will harass and harm marine mammals, including critically endangered right whales, hundreds of thousands of times. But now that President Trump has ordered agencies to reconsider the Obama administration’s five-year ban on offshore drilling in the Atlantic, oil companies are already seeking permits for this harmful and unnecessary activity. The National Marine Fisheries Service is taking public comments on the “incidental taking” of marine mammals during these seismic surveys until July 21. Our irreplaceable wildlife and coastal communities are too important to become another casualty of polluter profits. Tell NMFS to deny these dangerous seismic survey permits. Seismic airgun arrays are towed across vast swaths of ocean and fired every 10-12 seconds up to 24 hours a day for months on end. Each of the blasts can exceed 230 decibels—louder than a rocket launch and many hundreds of times louder than the noise level that would cause pain in the human ear. This sound can travel up to 2,500 miles underwater—the distance from New York City to Los Angeles. Flooding the ocean with noise from seismic surveys is devastating for marine life. For marine mammals like whales and dolphins, which depend on their sense of sound to communicate, navigate and find prey, this industrial noise can be devastating. Deafening a whale is the equivalent of killing that whale—it just happens more slowly. And even exposures that don’t cause this level of physical harm disrupt these animals’ behavior and can drive them away from areas vital for feeding, breeding or raising their young. Five companies are seeking permits to conduct this harmful seismic airgun blasting in the Atlantic Ocean from Delaware to Cape Canaveral, Florida. Together the proposed surveys will blast more than 200,000 square miles of these biologically rich waters 24 hours a day for six months or more. In many cases, the same areas will be surveyed multiple times. The NMFS draft permits would allow these activities to harm or harass whales and dolphins over 350,000 times in the span of one year, with nearly 2,000 of the exposures loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss. These draft permits come soon after President Trump’s executive order of April 28 directing agencies to reconsider the Obama administration’s decision not to allow offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean for at least the next five years. Opening the Atlantic to oil and gas exploration will unnecessarily put marine life—and the coastal communities that depend on a healthy Atlantic Ocean—in jeopardy for fossil fuels that we don’t need. At a time when our oceans are already showing the stress of climate change, it just doesn't make sense to harm whales, dolphins and other ocean wildlife in the service of drilling for more oil we can't afford to burn. Let’s urge NMFS to protect whales and other marine life and deny the requests to allow seismic airgun surveys in the Atlantic Ocean!

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