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Earthjustice is a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment. We bring about far-reaching change by enforcing and strengthening environmental laws on behalf of hundreds of organizations and communities.

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Petitioning Administrator Elliot Mainzer, Bonneville Power Administration

Remove salmon-killing dams in the Pacific Northwest’s Snake River

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia and Snake rivers, once the greatest salmon rivers in the world. We can do this by removing four outdated and expensive dams on the lower Snake River. But we need your help. For nearly 20 years, in spite of multiple court rulings that have found their actions illegal, the federal agencies that own these salmon-killing dams have refused to fully evaluate removing them. That changed last May when a federal court judge directly ordered the agencies to develop a plan for dam operations that will restore our wild salmon—and directed them to specifically consider dam removal. Now the agencies are seeking the public’s input on what they should do. For years scientists have said that removing the four deadly dams on the lower Snake is the single biggest step we can take to restore wild salmon to the river basin. Wild salmon, steelhead and pacific lamprey are dying by the thousands due to these four outdated dams: Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental, Little Goose and Lower Granite. Astonishingly, both taxpayers and rate-payers—you and me—lose millions of dollars operating and maintaining these dams every year even though they produce only about 3 percent of the region’s power and kill hundreds of thousands of baby salmon. Meanwhile, the electricity the dams produce can be economically replaced by carbon-free energy alternatives. The dams’ other primary purpose, providing barge transportation, has declined nearly 70 percent in 20 years and what little demand remains can be replaced by rail or other effective options. Further, the dams exacerbate the effects of climate change on the few remaining salmon, trapping the fish in slack-water reservoirs that overheat and contribute to disease, mortality and increased predation. Removing these four dams would open up a pathway for salmon to thousands of miles of pristine cold-water streams in the wilderness of central Idaho—a concrete action to combat the worst effects of climate change on our wild salmon. These salmon are an icon of the Pacific Northwest way of life. They are a keystone species that help keep the natural world healthy by bringing nutrients from the briny ocean back to the high mountain streams. They are a critical food source for many other species, including endangered orcas. The time is now to remove the four outdated, low-value, deadbeat dams on the lower Snake River. If we free the Snake, we can save the salmon and bring about the biggest river restoration in history.

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Petitioning Dr. Keefe and the Food and Drug Administration

Get these hormone-disrupting chemicals out of our food!

No matter how careful you are about what you eat, your food could be loaded with toxic chemicals called phthalates. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering a petition, filed by Earthjustice and several partner organizations, asking the agency to withdraw its approval of all 30 phthalates currently allowed as food additives. Please tell the FDA that phthalates don’t belong in our food. Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates) are a class of hormone-disrupting chemicals that have been linked to severe genital birth defects in baby boys and to other reproductive health problems. They’re also linked to deficits in child IQ, developmental delays, and other learning disabilities. It’s hard to avoid phthalates because they’re used in many of the materials that come into contact with our food—from the plastic gloves that food workers wear to plastic equipment used in processing food to the plastic packaging our food is sold in. Phthalates leach out of these materials and seep into our food, ending up in all of our bodies. Despite powerful scientific evidence of the harmful health effects of these chemicals, the FDA still allows the use of 30 different toxic phthalates as “food additives,” meaning that they can be used in food-handling equipment and food packaging. Please tell the FDA to keep toxic phthalates out of our food!

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Petitioning EPA Administrator McCarthy

Ban dangerous pesticides that are hurting our children!

Earthjustice and a broad coalition of partners have been fighting for years to convince the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban an entire class of poisonous neurotoxic pesticides. Every year, these pesticides, called organophosphates, poison farmworkers and others who come into contact with them in communities near agricultural fields. Over the past decade, an extensive body of scientific evidence from institutions like UC Berkeley and Columbia University shows that even at minimal levels of exposure organophosphates damage children’s brains and lead to such alarming deficits as reduced IQ, autism and attention disorders. After multiple Earthjustice lawsuits, the EPA has finally started the process of banning food uses of one of the most widely used of these pesticides, called chlorpyrifos. But it’s time for the agency to ban not just all uses of chlorpyrifos, but this entire class of neurotoxic pesticides, to keep them out of our food, our drinking water, our schools and yards, and our bodies. A total ban is what communities need and deserve, especially the farmworker communities that have disproportionately borne the burdens of pesticide poisonings and learning and memory impairments in their children. We can’t let these pesticides continue to poison people. Take action today.

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Petitioning Barack Obama

Tell President Obama to protect wolves and other at-risk wildlife!

Today we’re seeing some of the most serious threats ever posed to the Endangered Species Act. More than 100 legislative proposals have been introduced in this Congress to weaken and even gut the Act, including bills and amendments that target federal protections for gray wolves. If we don’t act now, wolves could lose existing protections and be subjected to state-led hunts. President Obama needs to know that you won’t stand for these legislative attacks on wolves and other species. One of the world’s strongest and most effective wildlife protection laws, the Endangered Species Act was enacted with overwhelming bipartisan support more than 40 years ago. This law has prevented the extinction of 99 percent of listed species, from the bald eagle to the gray whale. Yet some members of Congress are working to undermine this incredibly effective law. These members have added a record number of anti-wildlife measures to House and Senate appropriations bills that fund the Interior Department, as well as to House defense authorization and energy bills. These measures would block Endangered Species Act protections for a variety of species and populations, including: · Mexican gray wolves (despite the fact that there are fewer than 100 of these highly imperiled animals left in the United States) · Gray wolves in Wyoming, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin (despite federal court decisions that found proposals to delist these wolves illegal under Endangered Species Act) · Gray wolves across the entire lower 48 states (despite the fact that wolves currently occupy just a small portion of their former range in the U.S.) Tell President Obama to oppose any legislation that hurts wolves and other imperiled wildlife!

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Petitioning Barack Obama

Save Bees from Highly Toxic Pesticides

Bee populations are plummeting. And scientists are pointing to toxic bee-killing pesticides known as neonicotinoids as a cause. We’re fighting in court and partnering with other groups to demand action now to save bees, but we need your help. Join us and 4 million Americans to tell President Obama to suspend the use of toxic bee-killing pesticides now! These pesticides make the whole plant poisonous to insects, including the nectar and pollen, which bees eat. At miniscule doses the pesticides can kill bees outright, but even at doses that may not kill immediately, they impair bees’ ability to breed, forage, fight disease, and survive the winter. Nearly one-third of our crops—including many vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds—depend on bees for pollination. We cannot delay action any longer. Take action today and help us ensure that these pesticides do not become the final straw for bees.

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Petitioning Consumer Product Safety Commission

Ban the Sale of Products Containing Toxic Flame Retardants!

Every day, most of us sit on chairs and sofas that contain pounds of toxic flame retardants. These chemicals migrate out of our furniture and other household products and are released into the air in our homes. As a result, 97 percent of U.S. residents have measurable quantities of toxic flame retardants in their blood. This is urgent—we have our first-ever chance to ban the sale of these toxic chemicals! Take action now to rid our homes of flame retardants, before the comment period ends on October 19. To bring an end to this toxic nightmare, Earthjustice and the Consumer Federation of America—on behalf of an incredibly diverse coalition of organizations, including firefighters, pediatricians, consumer advocates and scientists—asked the Consumer Product Safety Commission to prohibit the sale of any children’s product, piece of furniture or mattress if it contains a toxic flame retardant. We also asked for a ban on the sale of any electronic product with toxic flame retardants in its plastic enclosure. The commission needs to hear from the public now. Please take action today to let the commissioners know you strongly support this action. Flame retardant chemicals have been associated with severe health impacts, including: reproductive impairment neurological impacts like learning deficits and decreased IQ in children endocrine disruption cancer immune disorders Children’s products in particular are likely to contain flame retardant chemicals, putting kids at risk during critical periods of rapid growth and brain development. And low-income communities and communities of color have the highest levels of these chemicals in their bodies. To make matters worse, household products containing toxic flame retardants can still burn, and when they do, they tend to produce more smoke, soot, toxic gases and carcinogenic combustion products. This puts building residents, firefighters and other first responders at greater risk of harm in the event of a fire. Tell the agency responsible for consumer safety that you stand with firefighters, pediatricians, consumer advocates and scientists in asking for household products free of toxic flame retardants!

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Petitioning Barack Obama

End Arctic Drilling for Good!

After years of Earthjustice-led legal battles, Shell recently announced that it is abandoning its Arctic Ocean drilling program. Shell's departure from the Arctic Ocean removes, at least for now, a major threat to the region's wildlife, already suffering from the impacts of climate change, which is happening more rapidly there than anywhere on earth. But the fight is not over! President Obama now has an opportunity to build on his climate successes and end Arctic Ocean drilling for good. Will you reach out to him today, to urge him to protect the Arctic Ocean for the long haul? Shell's decision shows that Arctic Ocean oil drilling is a thing of the past. It’s time to invest in a future of clean renewable energy and a sustainable climate for future generations. For decades, Earthjustice has been in court fighting risky drilling in the region. And with your help, we will continue to fight. Take action now to help us achieve long-term Arctic protections.

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