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Trump's hoping we ignore this:

Last week, President Donald Trump signed legislation that will allow states to block funding for family planning clinics that also provide access to critical women's health care -- including Planned Parenthood. This latest attack on women's health care is truly appalling, but unfortunately not surprising. And that's why we can't stop fighting. Add your name right now if you're with Senate Democrats on this: stop the attacks on women's health. From Trump's Supreme Court pick to the GOP attempts to roll back the progress we've made on health care -- it just doesn't end. They want us to be quiet. They're hoping we ignore this, and all they have planned. But we won't back down. We won’t stop fighting for the millions of women in this country, for their access to their health care, for them to be able to make decisions for themselves and for their constitutionally protected right to make their own choices about their own bodies. Are you with us? Add your name right now to stand with Senate Democrats to defend access to women's health care. Derivative of photo by Gage Skidmore. CC by-sa 2.0

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Senate Democrats Will Resist and Persist!

Mitch McConnell has given us our fighting words for 2017: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” When he tried to silence Elizabeth Warren for using her voice, for giving power to Coretta Scott King’s letter, he sent a message to ALL Democrats. We will keep marching, flooding the Capitol switchboards with phone calls, and showing that when it comes to our values we will NOT sit down and shut up. Add your name and stand with Elizabeth Warren and Senate Democrats. The courage Elizabeth Warren demonstrated on the Senate floor is what we need to have on full display every day. There’s too much at stake to be quiet. Silencing opposition is no way for Republicans to govern. We must fight back to defend the values we care for. Now is the time to stand with Elizabeth Warren and Senate Democrats in resisting the Trump agenda. Say you’re with us.

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Stand Up for the Affordable Care Act!

The new Republican Congress has only just been sworn in and they’ve made it clear that repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is their first priority. Now, more than ever, is the time to fight back. Tell Republicans: it’s not right to repeal a law that provides vital health care coverage to over 30 million Americans. The ACA was designed to help those who needed coverage the most. Many of those enrolled were the less fortunate, had pre-existing conditions hampering their ability to get insurance, or simply could not afford their own plan. It’s up to us to defend those who need the ACA. Stand with Senate Democrats! Defend a law that has improved and saved lives across the country. Despite their promises, Republicans have offered no alternative to the ACA. Repealing the law would immediately strip coverage for those who need it most. That’s simply not right. Join the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in backing the ACA for the simple reason that it works. Tell Republicans once and for all that affordable healthcare has and will continue to work wonders for this nation.

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Tell Your Senators: Medicare is Here to Stay

Medicare has taken care of Americans since it was passed in 1966, ensuring that those in need have access to healthcare when they need it most. But now, Paul Ryan and Republicans want to privatize it, threatening to end Medicare as we know it. Stand up to Paul Ryan and demand that Medicare remain untampered with. During a Fox News interview, Speaker Ryan asserted that “what people don’t realize is because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke.” Not only is this a complete lie, as Obamacare is predicted to raise $63 billion for Medicare, but it is a threat to entitlements that cannot be ignored. The fight to protect Medicare is now more important than ever before. Add your name to help Senate Democrats protect entitlements right now. In these difficult times it’s essential that we stay united to fight for the issues that affect our lives. Medicare helps over 55 million elderly and disabled Americans every year. This is a fight that we need to win. Stand with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today to make a difference. Tell Paul Ryan that Medicare is off limits to structural changes of any sort.

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Stand up for President Obama’s Legacy

President Obama has had countless amazing accomplishments while in the White House: Leading over 77 straight months of private sector job growth, passing Obamacare, and helping bring about marriage equality—all while facing an incredibly intolerant GOP Congress. But all of his accomplishments are at risk in this upcoming election. Donald Trump and his GOP allies have their sights set on dragging America into their divided and hateful world. Join Senate Democrats in fighting for the future of Obama’s legacy! We can’t let Republicans tear down the progress of the past eight years. Donald Trump has taken over the GOP by promising to turn back the clock on everything President Obama has accomplished – vowing to turn back every single one of President Obama’s executive orders. That’s simply not an acceptable outcome. Join the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in defending President Obama’s legacy from Trump and the GOP! Senate Democrats know the only way towards a better America is by moving forward. Retaking the Senate in 2016 is essential to protecting Obama’s legacy while continuing the progressive movement.

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Stand with Bernie & Take Back the Senate

Senator Bernie Sanders said it best: “We produced, by far, the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party. Our job now is to see that platform implemented by a Democratic Senate." Answer Bernie’s call and sign up to help us elect a Democratic Senate in November. Right now, our progressive platform is in danger. The GOP is fighting hard to make sure that Donald Trump becomes president and can work with a Republican Senate. We need more than just a Democratic President to bring about the progress we need. We need Democratic Senators to help carry our policies through Congress. Add your name and help Democrats retake the Senate. Now is our chance to show what we can accomplish when we unite and work together. Take a stand and support the Democratic platform by turning the Senate blue in November. 

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Tell the GOP: No More Hate Bills

Republicans tried and failed to deny marriage equality to all Americans, now they’re looking for any way possible to discriminate against LGBT people. Join Senate Democrats calling on the end of local “hate bills” and passage of the federal non-discrimination act, The Equality Act. The Obama administration recently stepped in to protect the rights of LGBT youth in schools. But the Republican’s backlash was swift. It’s clear this isn’t a fight that will end soon. It’s time to stand united to tell the GOP that the LGBT community deserves equality across every state in this nation. The Equality Act would prevent state and local municipalities from discriminating against their citizens based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Have your voice heard! Sign the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s petition to say no to “hate bills” and yes to the Equality Act! By signing on, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will keep you updated on our efforts to elect a Democratic Senate that will help bring equality to every state.

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