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The vision of our company since 1992 is to extend to our clients services in counseling, health and wellness, anger management, family counseling, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder counseling, domestic violence classes, services and referrals for any victims of crime. Our mission also motivates, inspires, change attitudes and help build a better tomorrow for our clients. To help support clients continued efforts in their life change experience. Our clients are all ages, nationality, and race, or religion, sexual preference and not limited to anyone with a disability. To help address the needs of our clients is the most important aspect of what we are all about. At Drive By Agony we aim to achieve the best results in our programs we have created. Catering to the personal needs of our clients is achieved through on-site direct contact and uses of our programs. The fact that we are a driven group of individuals working collaboratively as a team to reach both collective and individual goals, allows us to succeed in this industry. We continue to grow consistently, which requires that we maintain a head start on the demand for our services by always looking to build and learn in our field. We act as partners with our clients, creating for them tools that help them to manage their anger and stress of everyday life, this is a blueprint that will help them expand. Developing a customized file and plan built around sound territory strategies, we treat the goals of our clients as we would our own, achieving incredible bottom-line results. It is pivotal to invest in creating the right atmosphere and training for our clients and with our prospective clients so that we continue to provide amazing in-person lasting experiences that they learn from. These individuals are well-taught in regards to the techniques for changing their lives. Addressing issues in a clam manner and not anger. Learning to control their anger, love and respect their family, learning to deal with stress in a positive way and learning some parenting skills along the way along with how to deal with bullying and how not to be a bully. Leaders in medicine and hospitals, professionals, law enforcement, juvenile halls, courts and prisons have used our services and received valuable training through our organization. And have trusted us for over 25 years. Utilizing an innovative direct approach working with schools and other agencies we consistently deliver the positive results that our clients are looking for.

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