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Anyone who's been to a Disney park has a favorite ride. But what about all the rides that went away before their time and still linger in the childhood memories of grown-ups today? Classic rides like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or the Disneyland Skyway? Or more recent attractions like World of Motion or Horizons? Imagine if we could share the first-hand experience of these lost memories with guests today. What if we could bring back the rides of the past for current and future generations to see and hear and feel just as though they were still up and running today? Disney's RIDE ARCHIVE will offer today’s guests immersive 3-D simulations of decommissioned Disney rides and attractions formerly lost to the ages. The Archive also honors the history of the parks by preserving their heritage and recreating the artwork and engineering of Disney's most celebrated Imagineers. For both Disney superfans and amusement park enthusiasts alike, The RIDE ARCHIVE is a dream come true, uniting the memories of all generations, old and young, across the span of time. Disney's RIDE ARCHIVE: "The Future of Preserving the Past."

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