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Urge Congress to Put Veterans’ Benefits Before Politics

Veterans should never be victims of Capitol Hill inaction. One bill can guarantee veterans their benefits – no matter what. But Congress must act by year-end. Help us bring this vital measure to a vote, before time runs out. Many of America’s veterans and their families depend on monthly Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) benefits. Yet inaction and prolonged government shutdowns could cut them off cold, leaving millions of Americans waiting. Help urge Congress to act today by voting yes to the Putting Veterans Funding First Act (S. 932 / H.R. 813). This bipartisan bill will guarantee veterans receive their disability compensation, pension, education and rehabilitation benefits on time, without delay. The Putting Veterans Funding First Act protects veterans against government shutdowns, bad politics and partisan gridlock by ensuring the VA's budgets are fully funded before the beginning of every year. The legislation was already approved overwhelmingly by both the Senate and House Veterans’ Affairs Committees, yet the bill has stalled. This bill does not ask for additional funding. It simply guarantees veterans get the benefits they were promised. That’s all. In the Senate, this bipartisan legislation has the support of Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders and Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray, and Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised to hold a vote on the bill this year.  In the House, Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan both support the bill, yet nothing has moved forward. Join DAV, VFW, VVA, MOPH, VetsFirst, NAUS, BVA, NGAUS, CPOA, and many other veterans organizations to help protect veterans’ benefits by asking your senators and representatives to keep their promise and put #veteransfundingfirst.

DAV (Disabled American Veterans)
43,238 supporters