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    Petitioning Zena Burgess, President, Bicycle Network, Danielle Green, MP for Yan Yean

    We need adequate bicycle parking at Diamond Creek Railway Station

    Diamond Creek Railway Station needs a secure bicycle storage facility to encourage people to ride their bicycles to the railway station and leave their motor vehicle at home. Along the Hurstbridge line, Eltham, Greensborough, Watsonia and Heidelberg all have Parkiteer Bicycle Storage facilities and Diamond Creek needs one also.The current bicycle racks are inadequate as:there are not enough; anddo not provide safe storage for people to leave their bicycles.Currently the only allowance Diamond Creek has are bicycle hoops, and a person with a bike will not use these facilities. Like most areas of Melbourne, leaving a bicycle out in the open, particularly at a railway station with low foot traffic, is foolish and very few people would leave anything of value outside in full sight for any long period of time. Installing a Parkiteer System would not only encourage railway commuters Monday - Friday, but it would also be used by families on the weekend.Whilst the traffic congestion on our roads is at epic proportions and bursting at the seams, why isn't Bicycle Network and local government being more proactive in looking at other alternative modes of transport and support them.   The Parkiteer Storage is a low cost investment, and the installation of one will at least demonstrate that our leaders are being progressive thinkers!I understand that the allocation of where the Parkiteer Bicycle Storage systems are determined by Bicycle Network Australia.  We therefore request that this petition is given your attention.    

    Diamond Creek Traders Association
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    Petitioning Mayor Peter Clarke Nillumbik Shire Council

    Streetscape Improvements in Diamond Creek

    Diamond Creek people need to have a united voice to get their lions share of the Nillumbik budget.  This request is just a small one, and potentially one of many, using a petition platform to gain attention and for much needed improvements, or simply maintenance as in this case, for our beautiful community and town.Nillumbik Shire Council have been asked on numerous occasions by the Diamond Creek Traders Association to put some thought and planning into improving the garden beds along Chute Street.   Whilst this might appear to be a trivial request when there are many other projects that need funding, for under $1,500 it would be possible for council to lift the appearance of the street and make it a more pleasant place to drive through, stop and shop.The Nillumbik Shire Council Offices garden beds were rejuvenated not long after the Council elections in 2016, which made the place look very pleasant and welcoming - all we ask is for the same.Our neighbours, Banyule City Council, have made a concerted effort to improve their street aesthetics and replanted their garden beds.   With correct plant selection, and we have an abundance to chose from,  it will take little care and effort to keep them maintained.  It is with envy I see other Council's improve and maintain garden beds and wish that Nillumbik Council would do the same.The current state of the garden beds is a disgrace and we request that Nillumbik Shire Council spend the small amount of money to make them more attractive and improve our shopping centre appearance tenfold.Please sign and support us.

    Diamond Creek Traders Association
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