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PROBLEM: The Numerous US Stock Exchange Listed People’s Republic of China Listed Companies Violating or Non-Compliant with SEC Rules “PROPOSAL” / RESOLUTION / SOLUTION TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM We Propose: 1. For those Chinese companies listed in the US that have been revoked or have not filed financial reports for two or more years, use the Money seized from the corrupt Chinese officials in the US (who moved to the US with assets stolen from or that belong to China, attempting/hoping to hide/escape) to buy out the US shareholders (all the shareholders excluding the insiders) at not less than 70% of the book value reported in the last financial report filed with the SEC. a. China will warn the managers of those companies in China that they have violated the US securities laws by not filing the financial reports and ask them to comply with the securities laws within three months. If they cannot comply with the securities laws, they should consider buying out the shareholders at fair price that is usually not lower than the net asset value in order to resolve the issues with the shareholders. b. For those companies that do not file all the necessary financial reports and do not offer buy-out at a price of not less than 70% of the book value after three months. Chinese government will offer buy-out of the shareholders using the assets seized from the corrupt Chinese officials in the US as follows: i. For those companies without a lawsuit in the US against them, the buy-out process will start right way. ii. For those companies with lawsuits in the US against them, wait up to six (6) months for the lawsuits to settle. If all the lawsuits are settled within six (6) months, start the buy-out process after the settlement. If there are unsettled lawsuits in the US against the company after six (6) months, cancel the buy-out and shareholders of the company can use the next step to recover the value of the assets in China. 2. Apply article 183 (Chapter X) of China corporation law to those companies without buy-out in the previous step. China assigns a specific court in China to handle all the cases that involve those Chinese companies listed in the US. If the share price have been below 25% of the book value for one or more years, the value of the shares and interests of the shareholders is considered to have heavy loss if the company continues to exist. If shareholders whose combined ownership in the parent company (in the US) can be translated into 10% or more of ownership of the business entity in China and they vote to dissolve the corporation (to sell the business), the Chinese court will sell the business in China based on article 183 (Chapter X) of China corporation law.3. Appendix A and excel document attachment is an initial list of fourteen (14) Chinese companies we would like this “Proposal” / Solution implemented on first and as soon as possible as they have been non-compliant with SEC laws for quite some time. The excel provides useful financial, URLs / Links, references, and research information to assist in implementing the “Proposal” / Solution.Sincerely,David Yee, and All similarly situated USA Citizen investors/shareholders of the Problem US Listed Chinese Company Stocks and their Supporters

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