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We believe in encouraging progressive, liberal, anti-racist, pro-LGBT+ feminist women and girls to participate in our democracy at local, state, and federal levels. Inter-sectional feminism and ally-ship with marginalized people is our primary guiding principle.

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Petitioning Michael Inman, Matthew Kwacala, Mike Wayland, John Vigezzi - 2nd Ward Alderman, Annette Carper - 3rd Ward Alderman, Thomas Koch - 4th Ward Alderman, Gayle Carper - 5th Ward Alderwoman, Tammie Leigh...

Macomb Police Chief Barker Must Go/Investigate Macomb P​.​D.

Questions for Mayor Inman, City Administrator, and City Council Members re: Macomb P.D. Role in Disappearance of a Disabled Black ManJanuary 17, 2020 [Note: Based upon interviews and collaboration and input from multiple sources in our city, we believe the following to be accurate based upon our understanding at this time. As we are volunteers, community members, and concerned human beings, we believe the overall picture of this situation emerging from these preliminary findings is of sufficient concern to warrant a demand for action.] Situation: A mentally disabled, traumatized Black man with intellectual challenges went missing a few weeks ago in our community. He has a legal guardian, his brother, who is also Black. The guardian brother, worried and desperate to find him, tried to make a report about his missing brother at the police station. They refused to help him, claiming that since his brother was an adult, they couldn’t take a report. The brother kept trying to locate him on his own, without any police help.  More days passed. The brother asked yet another police officer to take a report, and he refused as well. But one of the police officers told the brother that another officer had given his brother a one-way ticket to Chicago. The statement was witnessed. The brother continued his search without any assistance nor even support from the Macomb Police Department. A few days later, the police officer then changed his story and stated they hadn’t given him a ticket and sent him away. Frantic and traumatized, the brother, who is his guardian, finally received aid from a professional health provider who went with him to the police station to insist they finally report his brother as missing and endangered. The Macomb P.D. finally, approximately two weeks later, filed the missing persons report, neglecting to mention in that report he was missing because they had given him a one-way ticket to a city where he has nobody to help him. The Chicago Police Department located him, sitting on a stoop, with frostbitten feet, in the same clothes he had left Macomb with two weeks prior. The brother who is the guardian of this man not only wasn’t offered any assistance nor apology, he had to drive up to get his brother and bring him back to his home community at his own expense, with no assistance from the Macomb police, who had created this emergency in the first place through their own actions. When we became aware of the situation, we notified the paper, who began asking questions of the police. The police responded with an article reminding people to register in a database to assist with location services, BUT completely ignored the fact that this man was harmed, and could have died, due to their actions and then their failures to help locate him in a timely manner. Worse, the police appear to have decided to make the man go “missing by design”, a practice so-called “leaders” in our community have used in the past to “get rid of” persons they deemed unwanted and/or unwelcome in our community. Basically, they give a person a one-way bus or train ticket to anywhere they want to go, to encourage them to leave our community and not return. We wish to know if this is indeed what happened in this case, as nothing else seems to explain the bizarre behavior of the Macomb Police Department. In lieu of exculpatory evidence or proper, public acknowledgement of a mistake, we think this is likely what happened here. When the police officers knew they had sent a person out of this community who had a legal guardian, instead of doing the right thing, they closed ranks and tried to lay the groundwork for blaming the victim or ignoring the danger and harm they caused. Because of the way this situation has played out, and the apparent lack of remorse nor even acknowledgement of harm done, the Democratic Women of McDonough County call for: Macomb Police Chief Curt Barker to immediately STEP DOWN or BE REMOVED by the man who appointed him, Mayor Mike Inman. an investigation be launched by McDonough County State’s Attorney, Matt Kwacala an explanation, with full apology, be read into the public record at a city council meeting written answers to our questions from Mayor Inman and the Macomb Police Department A commitment from Mayor Inman and the City Council that the “one-way ticket” program be ENDED permanently. Chief Barker must go. The Macomb Police Department must be investigated.  We held a press conference on 1/17/20 at which the information on this page was read into the public record on our Facebook page. We wish to thank all those who participated, supported us, provided affidavits, witness, and to the people in the community who found the courage to relate disturbing information despite the risk of job loss and/or retaliation. We wish to state clearly that we support most of the Macomb Police Department officers and employees, and are grateful for their service to our community. Their leadership, and certain police officers must be investigated, however, and we will continue shedding light on these case until the facts of these events are known. WIU News 3 Story KHQA News Story More Info on our website >>> Affidavit: Black mother from Macomb  Affidavit: Black Woman who grew up in Macomb President Heather McMeekan’s Remarks Questions re: Treatment of two Black men in Macomb by the Macomb P.D. which resulted in one going missing and being put in harm’s way Video: Trauma Therapist, Candace Whitman, LCPC Video: Former Social Worker, Becky Danner Video: Questions for Mayor Inman

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Petitioning Macomb City Council & Mayor Michael Inman

Macomb, IL City Council: Allow Recreational Cannabis Sales

Petition to The Macomb, Illinois City Council & Mayor Michael Inman to Vote To Allow Recreational Cannabis Sales in the City of Macomb, IllinoisWhat This Petition Is About Currently, Macomb’s City Council is debating on whether to allow cannabis shops & sales within city limits, or if they will vote to "opt out," forcing customers to travel for sales. This measure may and can be voted on as soon as MONDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2019 with a FINAL VOTE set for MONDAY, OCTOBER 28. Background Info The Illinois Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act becomes effective on January 1, 2020. This law allows adult Illinois residents age 21+ to possess 30 grams of cannabis or five grams of cannabis concentrate. The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation this session that would make it legal for adults 21 and older to purchase and use cannabis. Built into legalization is a program called the Restore, Reinvest and Renew Program, or R3.  “Views of marijuana legalization differ by generation and political party, though support has increased across demographic groups over time. Majorities of Millennials (74%), Gen Xers (63%) and Baby Boomers (54%) say the use of marijuana should be legal, up sharply from earlier years. And while a smaller share of the Silent Generation (39%) currently favors legalization, support among these Americans has also increased.” Source: Medical cannabis consumers currently must drive at least an hour away to obtain their medication. That dispensary wanted to be located in Macomb, but did not  find support here when they approached our Mayor and City Hall several years ago. That dispensary set up in another community, taking all that revenue out of our community and giving it to another. This is an opportunity the Macomb community should not pass up. Recreational cannabis users deserve equal treatment under our laws that are currently afforded to other recreational activities such as the consumption of alcohol. This program is designed to specifically help communities such as Macomb with its “Restore, Reinvest, and Renew Program” meant to revitalize disadvantaged communities, improve economic development, and provide aid to people who suffered from the War on Drugs. We, the people of Macomb and surrounding communities, by virtue of our signatures: attest that we believe that allowing responsible, well-regulated cannabis sales in our community will be greatly beneficial, with the jobs, sales taxes, social justice, economic opportunity, health, recreation, tourism, and research and development far outweighing any feared or actual negative consequences implore all members of the Macomb City Council and Mayor Mike Inman to vote to allow the sales of recreational cannabis in Macomb, or, if they are against it, to: allow a special referendum of voters to solicit their input For the benefit of our community, those needing good jobs, businesses needing more customers, our university and college students, and our many medical cannabis patients, we ask their support. Please share this petition and help us obtain signatures. This is time-sensitive.Petition Author: Heather McMeekan, Macomb, Illinois, 61455, on behalf of the Democratic Women of McDonough County. For questions about this petition, please email Background: IDPH Patient Registry Program: Compassionate Use Program: Fact Sheet on Restore, Reinvest and Renew (R3) Program: Facts About Cannabis Legalization 

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