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Defenders is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities.

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Petitioning Tom Vilsack

Help Stop the Relentless Wolf Killing in Idaho

Wildlife Services has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Idaho Governor Butch Otter’s Wolf Depredation Control Board to help carry out the state’s relentless wolf killing program. The goal: to artificially boost elk numbers for sport hunters and outfitters. It is simply shocking for Secretary Vilsack to allow his Wildlife Services employees to contract themselves out as sharpshooters to kill wolves from the air, especially on Forest Service lands. It is equally shocking for the Forest Service, which is also under the control of Secretary Vilsack, to stand by and allow their Wildlife Service colleagues to kill wolves on our national forest lands. Please take immediate action and tell the Secretary of Agriculture to order Wildlife Services to stop killing wolves on U.S. Forest Service lands!

Defenders of Wildlife
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Petitioning Nora Rasure

Stop the Contracted Killing of Wolves in Idaho!

The U.S Forest Service (USFS) has ignored their own wilderness management policy and allowed the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) to send a trapper out to exterminate two wolf packs deep within the vast Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. The future of wolves in Idaho is grim if we don’t act against their brutal anti-wolf agenda. There isn’t any time to lose – as you read this, the state's hit man is out laying his traps which by Idaho law can be left unchecked for up to 72 hours – leaving anything caught to bleed to death or succumb to exposure while waiting to be shot by the returning trapper.  Tell the USFS that their reckless decision to allow entire wolf packs to be exterminated in a protected wilderness area is unconscionable.

Defenders of Wildlife
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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives

Tell Congress: Oppose Cuts to Environment and Wildlife Protection

UPDATE: Congressmen Norm Dicks (WA) and Mike Thompson have offered a vital amendment that would remove the Extinction Rider from the Interior Appropriations Bill -- and a vote could come any day. Take action now: Urge your U.S. representative to support a critical amendment to strip the Extinction Rider from the House Interior Appropriations Bill. ------- The powerful House Appropriations Committee has passed legislation that would mean fewer protections for species at risk of extinction, more pesticides in our waters and less funding for our national wildlife refuges and other crucial conservation priorities. This bill would stop new protections for animals at risk of extinction and the places they live. This could be disastrous for species like walruses, which are struggling to survive. It would also prevent legal action to challenge Wyoming’s shoot-on-sight wolf plan and prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from doing more to protect our waters and the wildlife and communities that depend on them. Pesticides are already a major threat to salmon, frogs and other wildlife. Congress should be doing more – not less – to protect our waters. If these members of Congress have their way, grant programs that provide funding to states to protect declining and imperiled species would be significantly reduced. And the funding for national wildlife refuges, habitat restoration and other key conservation spending would be slashed.  The committee approved billions in spending cuts, which would damage our already underfunded refuges and undercut environmental protection. Take action now! Urge your U.S. Representative to OPPOSE the House Interior Appropriations bill when it comes to the floor of the full House of Representative.

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Petitioning Geoffrey Haskett

Save the Unimak Wolves from an Aerial Hunt

Federal officials at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have proposed killing half the wolves on Alaska's Unimak Island with cruel measures like aerial hunting and gassing pups.Their justification? Lazy science that says the wolves are leading to a dwindling caribou population.The suggested plan is an attempt to appease state officials clamoring for predator control at the expense of sound science, and fails to account for other potential causes for the decline in caribou numbers on the island. With Alaskan officials eager to kill wolves on federal lands beyond Unimak, we need to draw a line in the sand now. These wolves are on federal lands and it is our responsibility to protect them. Take action before the public comment period closes on January 31 to tell the Alaska Regional Director of the U.S. Fish and WIldlife Service to stop the wolf cull on Unimak Island!

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