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Bison ReIntroduction Onto Great Plains to Stop Earth Fever

WhereBisonRoam Petition "Welcoming Back The Free Bison Herds Back Onto The Northern Great Plains of Great Turtle Island" Whereas, over one billion hooved animals were slaughtered/destroyed/removed from the northern Great Plains (Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota) of Great Turtle Island (aka the "Western Hemisphere"), from 1855-1890, and Whereas, these hooved animals, sacred to the Indigenous Red "American Indian" People, included the Bison, Elk, Antelope, Moose, Sheep, Goat, and Deer, served their sacred purpose and regulated the carbon input/output as well as the micro-organism response of the grasses and ecology of the northern Great Plains, and Whereas, with the loss of so many of our hooved relatives, our sacred Grandmother Earth was wounded and developed an "Earth Fever" ("global warming") to regulate the adequate and appropriate carbon input/output, and Whereas, in just six years, the reintroduction of Wolves into Yellowstone Park forced the Elk and Deer to stop excessive eating of Willow and other tree saplings, thus allowing the tree stands to flourish, thereby making nesting areas for songbirds, while bringing back the Beaver - and even changing the course and vitality of the Rivers. Termed ‘tropic cascade,’ we will quickly restore balance and diversity to the northern Great Plains by welcoming back the Bison, whose unique hooves affect the micro organism levels of prairie soils and grasses.(See Video)https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q Therefore Be It Resolved, that we shall develop various working groups committees within "WhereBisonRoam" to facilitate the following community actions with the shared goal of total Bison reintroduction, welcoming, and celebration:1. Educational awareness and indigenous knowledge and wisdom share2. Acquiring donated lands, purchasing lands3. Developing and strategizing Bison corridors upon the plains4. Securing allies from coastal and distant lands who support these efforts www.WhereBisonRoam.com

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Petitioning u.s. government/american people

American Indians CAN'T "Pay Taxes" - Treaties Guarantee Health Care

American Indians CAN'T "Pay Taxes" - Treaties Guarantee Health Care Spring 2018 "Tribes" Might Have To Become "Nations" Once Again Article 1, Section 2, Part 3 of the U. S. Constitution states, "Indians (are Nations) and can not pay taxes." For many years the federal government wrongfully allowed Indian Nation members from hundreds of "tribes" to submit (under threat of punishment and imprisonment) "federal taxes" into the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Because the "threat" became a violation of also the "Genocide Convention Implementation Act" adopted by congress and the president in 1988, the illegal tax collection is in fact a commission of an act of genocide - punishable by a one million dollar fine and/or life in prison for even a convicted president. Threatening Nations of peoples with "illegal taxation" to create the burden of poverty against indigenous Nations is like threatening gas chambers to Jewish people. Currently, the government is attempting to rescind on Treaty guarantees of free health care for billions of acres "negotiated" to the u.s. government (actually extortion, threats of starvation and massacre) forced the Indians to sign the documents. If current conditions remain the same on these government genocidal policies targeting Indian sovereignty and nationhood, Indian Nations will implement "secession" from the government and declare total independence, thereby forcing the honoring of ALL Treaties made legally. This could close large swaths of interstate highways, remove cities like Rapid City South Dakota, and national parks located on Treaty Lands. The 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie, protected through Article VI of the Constitution that states, "Treaties made with Indian Nations shall be the supreme law of the land." The lands guaranteed (but "allowed" to be "violated" for over a hundred years) would then become governed by all the nine Nations signatory. The state of "Texas" continually threatens the federal government with secession to remove itself from the "50 states." Secession emphasizes a general right of secession for any reason through "Choice Theory" and also "Just Cause" - to rectify grave injustices/genocide. A mass exodus from the "u.s.a." by"American Indians" might be forthcoming that would change the entire way America looks at itself.  

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