Conscious Consuming

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Conscious Consuming seeks to increase awareness of the impact of buying decisions on our health, happiness, and environment. Through education and discussion we encourage people to live in line with their values by better prioritizing time, money, and material things.

Most of the products and services we use in industrialized societies today are disposable, hazardous, and often, unnecessary. Yet our capitalist economy depends on our consumption of such products and services, and we are told that it's un-American to question our role in this arrangement.

Conscious Consumers dare to question; a whole host of variables might go into our decision-making, but the important thing is that we do that thinking.

Before We buy, we wonder:
Is this item in line with my values?
Does this product or service support my vision for a sustainable, equitable society?
Is there another product of service that is better aligned with my values?

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