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    Petitioning East Wake Academy Board of Directors, Mike Lester

    Calling for the Resignation of East Wake Academy Charter School Leadership

    Calling for resignation of East Wake Academy charter school leadership.  Our community as a whole has lost faith and trust in the administration of East Wake Academy (Mr. Stephen Gay – Superintendant, and Virginia Jacobs – K-8 Principal).   Parents of EWA students and local community members are outraged at the changes recently made at East Wake Academy and are calling for the resignation of theseadministrators. • On the last day of school (6/7/18), 8 teachers were told their contracts were not being renewed.  In addition, 5 teachers resigned due to emotional distress they were under as a result of the current work environment of EWA.  All Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers were lost.  Since that day, we have lost 6 more teachers and we fear we will lose many more K-8th grade teachers.   • All teachers report they had few (if any) performance evaluations for years.  None had corrective action plans nor were they told of any deficiencies.  EWA policy requires a minimum of one evaluation per year.   • All teachers who did not have their contracts renewed were not given a reason for the decision and when asked, were refused answers. • Administration asked staff in March to inform the school if a teacher planned to leave so that EWA can fill those positions.  Concerned parents located a May 7th presentation to DPI in which EWA administration can be heard discussing interviewing new staff in order to fix their “human capital” problem.  School job fairs happen in early April.  By the time our teachers were released, most positions were filled and job fairs over.  We feel this is an unethical practice. • Former staff members report EWA is a tense, emotionally distressful and hostile workplace.  Current staff reports the same and fears becoming targets if they file complaints. • At the previous charter school led by Mr. Gay, a committee of concerned parents filed an official grievance against him due to the decline in morale and culture of their school under his leadership, showing a clear pattern of failed leadership.   • Former principals who have worked under Mr. Gay are on record stating he uses intimidation tactics. • Multiple teachers report verbal abuse, intimidation and bullying from Virginia Jacobs.   • EWA teachers completed a survey this school year through DPI.  Here are a few of the results we find distressing:  There is an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect: 43% Disagree or Strongly Disagree. Teachers feel comfortable raising concerns and issues: 43% Disagree or Strongly Disagree. School leadership makes sustained efforts to address teacher concerns about leadership issues: 41% Disagree or Strongly Disagree. Professional development is evaluated and results communicated to teachers: 63% Disagree or Strongly Disagree. Over 200 parents have expressed outrage over the treatment of our teachers and have been told to “trust the process”.  Parents find this unacceptable and are asking for your help.  Please sign this petition and let the EWA Board of Directors, Stephen Gay and Virginia Jacobs know that our community deserves better and that you join our call for the resignations of Mr. Gay and Mrs. Jacobs.   **Links to the NCDPI survey, presentation and other information are available on our Facebook page, Concerned Parents of East Wake Academy.  

    Concerned Parents of EWA
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    Petitioning Mike Lester, East Wake Academy Board of Directors

    Parents Call For Restructuring of East Wake Academy Board of Directors

    Parents calling for restructuring of the East Wake First Charter (East Wake Academy) board of directors.Our community has lost faith and trust in the East Wake Academy Board of Directors and are asking for support in calling for the restructure of the EWA board. The current EWA board has failed time after time to listen to parent concerns regarding administration which has resulted in a significant loss of well respected, veteran teachers as well as damage to the reputation of our school. Parents feel the requests being made are reasonable and require few changes to the board policy and/or bylaws. We request the following items: • 4 year terms with a two consecutive term limit. • Maximum of 2 board members who are community members but not EWA parents. • We would like to see the board open up the additional two seats for a total of 9 board members. Ideally we would like to have parents who are dues paying members of an EWA group (PAL, Boosters, etc) elect a parent representative. We would also like to see teachers nominate and elect a teacher representative for the other open seat (this person couldn't be a current teacher - would have to be a former teacher, parent, community member who teachers trust and elect). • We recognize and appreciate the contributions of our long serving board members, but we would ask that Mr. Ausley step down and accept the role of Board Member Emeritus. Mr. Ausley and any other Emeritus member may be invited each year for input at the EWA Board retreat and for counsel as needed during the year. • Recognizing the contributions of Mr. Lester, we would ask that he accept the role of Board Member Emeritus at the conclusion of his current term. • Transparency in board elections: allow parents to learn about those who are running for seats ahead of time including who they were nominated by (or if they are running on their own) even if we are unable to vote for the seat. These individuals represent EWA and parents should know who they are. • Children of board members should no longer receive priority in the lottery, and should go through the general lottery in order to attend EWA. • Better communication from the board regarding meetings. Parents ask that the agenda for upcoming board meetings to be posted a minimum of 5 business days in advance and for board meeting minutes to be distributed to parents via email by administration within 7 days of the board meeting. Over 200 parents expressed outrage over the loss of our teachers and failure of the EWA board to oversee the leadership of EWA. The current EWA board contains a “voting block” of four individuals who refuse to acknowledge any issues, provide basic information or resolutions to current problems. Parents find this unacceptable and are asking for your help. Please sign this petition and let the current EWA Board of Directors know that our community demands better. Our hope is to see a board that is unbiased, focused on making real efforts to improve the current culture and a better representation of our school values as a whole.

    Concerned Parents of EWA
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