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    I’m for Independent Real Time Radiation Monitoring at San Onofre

    Dear Community Engagement Panel members,I am asking each of you as CEP members to support and to take action ASAP along with SCE for a public CEP meeting on “Independent Real-time Radiation Monitoring” for SONGS.  As well as a second CEP meeting entitled, “Educational Symposium on Radiation” which would include “independent” radiation experts, along with experts from SCE and the NRC. This a necessary step for all the stakeholders to understand what is in the canisters, and what could come out of them now or in the future. Thank you for your consideration of these two programs for the safety of our community.

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    I support a law for Independent Real-time Radiation Monitoring at CA Nuclear Waste sites

    To Governor Jerry Brown and California State Legislators, Californians demand a new law that requires every nuclear waste storage site in the state to be independently monitored in real-time with free public access, so that the State and Local Emergency Preparedness Centers and the citizens can see and understand the radiation level at each nuclear waste site in our state.   The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has turned all nuclear power plants into nuclear waste dumps for 299 years.  It is clear the Department of Energy is not in a hurry to pick up the nation's nuclear waste as required by law.  California has no idea when its nuclear waste will be removed. It is imperative for the safety of California that during this time our nuclear waste storage sites be independently monitored in real-time with free public access to this information. Thank you for your consideration, Residents Organized For a Safe Environment and Concerned Citizens of California

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