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    Petitioning Honorable Governor Ige, Mayor Harry Kim and Hawaii Humane Society

    Help Save the Animal Victims of the Hawaii Volcano Eruptions

    The ASPCA senior director for disaster response has offered to put people on the island of Hawaii to assist in rescuing abandoned animals that are projected to be in the path of the Kilauea eruptions.  There would be no cost to the state of Hawaii. However, ASPCA is unable to proceed until they receive an invitation from Hawaii Humane Society to join the rescue efforts.  For whatever reason, the invitation has not been offered.   Time is of the essence. These animals, including dogs, farm dogs, cats, community cats and livestock, need rescuing now since this volcano can have a great eruption at any time. Please sign and share this petition to move Hawaii Humane Society into quickly extending an invitation to ASPCA so the lives of these innocent animals can be saved.   

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    Petitioning Western Governors' Association, Edmund Gerald Brown Jr

    FACT: Cats are NOT an Invasive Species

    On March 12, 2018, the Western Governors Association (WGA) added cats to their invasive species list.  According to an Associated Press story, WGA's invasive species list was released “in hopes of helping people recognize and eradicate the invaders before they spread." This is how the WGA describes this invasive species: Feral (or spay-neuter-release) Cat (Felis domesticus).  Felis domesticus means domesticated cat.  Since there is no classification for ferals, do these governors want the eradication of all cats?  If these governors don't understand the benefits and success of trap-neuter-return (TNR), how can they determine if a cat is even feral? We also wonder why humans are not on their list?  Humans kill birds and many other species of wildlife through hunting, accidents and more.  Humans use pesticides that kill wildlife.  Humans are the number one invasive species and yet we, as humans, decide what other invasive species like us should be eradicated?  Cats today, maybe dogs tomorrow? It is also good to remember that unowned, free-roaming cats are not outside because they want to be.  Humans (AGAIN) abandoned them when they were no longer wanted.  The other day, a story came out about a 16 year old cat that was dumped by its owners.  The cat walked miles to get back home, only to be dumped at a shelter by the very same HUMANS.  Yet we punish the cats? Join us on Facebook by clicking this link:  Fact: Cats are NOT an Invasive Species. When do we stop blaming the cats and take responsibility for what we have done?  Now is the time.  Please sign this petition and share it - tell the WGA that its time to show humanity and compassion.  Remove cats from your invasive species list.  Don't take us back to the failed days of trap and kill or worse.  Petition will also be delivered to the following governors:  Jay Inslee, Washington;  Kate Brown, Oregon,  Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr, California; C.L. “Butch” Otter  (Idaho);  Brian Sandoval , Nevada; Doug Ducey, Arizona; Gary Herbert, Utah;  Steve Bullock, Montana;  Matthew Mead, Wyoming; John Hickenlooper, Colorado;  Susana Martinez, New Mexico;  Greg Abbott, Texas;  Mary Fallin, Oklahoma;  Dr Jeff Coyler, Kansas;  Pete Ricketts, Nebraska;  Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota; Doug Burgum, North Dakota;  Bill Walker, Alaska; and David Ige, Hawaii.   

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    Petitioning Gene Van Koevering, president of Sandy Pines Recreational Community

    Save the Cats of Sandy Pines Recreational Community

      Her name was Zoom Zoom. On January 25, 2018 an adult cat was found frozen to death in a live trap behind a dumpster at Sandy Pines Recreational Community in Dorr, Michigan. Members who have seasonal dwellings at the park immediately contacted the police and animal control was sent to pick up the cat.  From there the cat went to Michigan State University for a necropsy. The results came back stating the cat had no major health issues beyond intestinal parasites (which are normal and not lethal in adult outdoor dwelling cats). Upon sharing the necropsy results with area veterinarians, it was logically concluded that the cat had been captured and left to freeze to death in a live trap owned, baited and placed by Sandy Pines.  The trap even has a label on top showing it is owned by Sandy Pines. A process of TNR that had been utilized on premises since 2006.  The colony of cats was stable and managed by caring members. But in the latter part of 2017, without consultation with Sandy Pines members, a rule was passed forbidding anyone from feeding community cats and trap / eradicate became the means of feline population control.  The caregivers quickly began trapping the cats in fear that they would be harmed. Those that were not trapped were removed by Sandy Pines management and nobody knows where they were taken. The eradication caused the Vacuum Effect and cats began to wander into the park again.  Without the stable, sterilized, managed colony of cats to fend off newcomers, the management continued their own brand of cat eradication.  But this time, someone found the deceased cat before it could be hidden. A large, experienced TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) organization operating in West Michigan began communicating with the management at Sandy Pines in hope to reinstate TNR.  At no cost to the membership, Carol’s Ferals agreed to completely manage TNR, reinstitute feeding stations and rebuild a colony of sterilized cats that would keep new cats from flowing onto the 800+ acre grounds of Sandy Pines.  A group was formed to begin placement of feeding stations with the guidance and approval of the head of public safety when he quit just before the publication of the necropsy results. Despite the no cost proposition, Sandy Pines rejected the common sense TNR model and instead decided to go ahead with inhumane trap / eradicate utilizing the local Allegan County Animal Shelter.  This is a sure death sentence for any true feral cat. Feral cats are not socialized to humans and there is no place for them in the sheltering system. Unfortunately this also poses a great risk to friendly or owned cats that might get loose from a vacation dwelling.  Sometimes cats entering shelters are stressed and appear to be feral. Before they have time to adjust, they are killed. Please sign and share this petition to help us send a loud and clear message.  TNR works, killing does not. More cats will move in and replace the ones that were “removed”.  Any wildlife will be trapped and disposed of as well.   A Facebook page has been created to update on this horrendous plan of trap and kill.  Please join it: Community Cats United, Inc. (Trap-Neuter-Return Community) Carol's Ferals        

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    Petitioning Debra Flatness

    Where are the cats of Hartland, MN disappearing to?

    Where are all the cats of Hartland MN disappearing to? There are approximately 30 stray and feral cats that have been trapped and mysteriously disappeared from Hartland MN.  Two family pets have also disappeared - Toby, a 16 year old brown tabby, disappeared over Labor Day weekend, 2017, and Mimi, a tree legged orange tabby, disappeared on October 15th, 2017.  Mimi is registered as an emotional support animal with Service Animals of Minnesota. She was registered before she was trapped.   In addition, Hartland has an issue with free-roaming cats – community cats.  The mayor responded to our offer to help start a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program with this:  “Trapping, neutering and releasing cats won't solve those problems.  In addition, if cats were trapped and then released back into the community, that would encourage people to put out food for them in random locations, which would result in compounding our problem, as the neutered cats would be joined by other cats.”  So the community cat (feral, semi-feral and friendly) population continues to grow.  The Mayor has stated that the city “has an agreement with the State Humane Society (MN) to assist us with trapping and removing cats from our community.  The cats will then be removed entirely from the area.”  We all know that WILL not happen – new ones will take their place and reproduce.  And what will happened if they are removed? We ask for you to sign and share this petition, which will be presented to the honorable Mayor Debra Flatness.   We also ask that you email the Mayor and civilly tell her why TNR is the only effective, humane and cost-efficient option.  Many of the city’s issues with cats would be reversed if only they would listen.  And, we need to know where all the cats have gone! Please directly email the mayor and civilly encourage her to turn to trap-neuter-return.  Email:  hartlandmayor@gmail. com  

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