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 September 22, 2013, .To the Hon. US RepresentativesFrank Lucas and Collin Peterson andall Members of Congress:..Welfare reform is being carried out the wrong wayby Members of Congress. The "unintended consequences"which will flow from the "good intentions" of this latestlegislative leap in the dark are already predictable -and horrendous..Welfare reform is being undertaken in a way whichwill result in even more taxpayer dollars being wasted,in even more unnecessary tragedies and deaths, andin a way which will fill up America's already bursting-at-the-seams, ineffective correctional institutionswhich do nothing to correct crime, but rather tend to enrichthe profiteers of the prison industry - politically connectedcontractors..Simple math shows that welfare recipients are being PUNISHED for attempting to enter or re-enter the jobmarket..One set of numbers shows that for the first $85 per monthearned by a welfare recipient, there is no penalty.After that, there is a penalty of $1 for every $2 earnedby a welfare recipient..If that $2 figure is BEFORE TAXES, which it probably is,it means that this "get back to work" punishment isactually encouraging welfare recipients to stay homeand avoid looking for work as if they are avoiding the plague.BRILLIANT WORK! Congress racks up another political photo op,gets re-elected, and lets the voters pay for the cost. AGAIN!.Do the math. Welfare recipients are either being forcedinto jobs which 1) pay no more than an average of $3 PER DAY,or 2) are UNDER THE TABLE - or illicit.Not that Washington politicians and their well-heeled lobbyistfriends would ever do anything to encourage prostitution!.One of the provisions of the new "reform" is that "pedophiles"will not be eligible for welfare benefits. ."Every politicians mother was a pedophile." Why?:"Pedophile" means "someone who loves children."But hurling the word is a guaranteed clincher to any argument(even though it is the wrong word, often hurled in the wrong waytoward the wrong person - and often BY the wrong person whoshould be the last one to be hurling anything at anyone, as itoften turns out!).Even if we rule out the fact that Government makes mistakesall the time (even in courts) and that many people havebeen deliberately prosecuted on such charges for POLITICALreasons, in order to shut them up or discredit their oppositionto corrupt schemes of corrupt or warmongering politicians(<>)let us presume for the time being that every conviction ofa "pedophile" is flawless and well-deserved..Now think about this: The Federal Government wants toEND THEIR WELFARE BENEFITS.These are people who, for the most part,CANNOT GET JOBSand CANNOT LIVE ANYWHERE!.Is Congress trying to inflict a death penalty through the back door?YOU BET THEY ARE!.What is the most likely unintended consequence?.Word will go out among the criminals - "you cannot allow any child witness to your crimes to survive, because if you do, it will cost you your life.".That's not RIGHT - but that's the way CRIMINALS THINK!And legislation will not change that fact..Congress, by legislating this further punishment, is goingto condemn innocent children to death..So much for the easy pedophile-bashing political photo-op..The INTELLIGENT approach for Congress would be torecognize that we have a prison system and a judicial system which makes it IMPOSSIBLE FOR PEOPLEWITH CRIMINAL RECORDS - including hundreds of thousandsof Americans wrongfully convicted in courts of law -TO EVER OBTAIN MEANINGFUL EMPLOYMENT AGAIN!.The only employment most of these people will ever obtainis employment which COSTS TAXPAYERS hundreds of dollarsfor every dollar it puts into the pocket of the person whosepermanent record is permanently tarnished by a crime -whether real or not..We need EXONERATIONS for these hundreds of thousandsof Americans who have been wrongfully convicted.See:<> for starters.NO ONE in Washington has lifted a finger toward thisclemency request despite the fact that some of thesejustifiable requests have been in the hopper of the Presidentfor YEARS:See<>..Congress and the President don't care about the money wastedon wrongful convictions - IT'S NOT COMING OUT OF THEIR POCKETS..They also don't care about the money wasted on welfare which could be used putting people back to work..Even people who are guilty of relatively minor offenses SHOULD NOT BE SCARRED FOR LIFE.Not unless YOU WANT TO PAY FOR IT, BUNKY!.You are paying for it too. "Just close your eyes" and pretend that you aren't. Don't think twice. It's alright.<>.The way Congress has these "back to work" guidelinesworked out amounts to a REGRESSIVE TAX on the poor.A "regressive tax" is one where the poor are hardesthit by it. .Corporate executives who lobby Congress for WELFAREBENEFITS for their corporations are never told to "getback to work" or punished in the way the poor are.They get all kinds of preferential treatment from Congress..I agree that people should not get a handout from theGovernment. I was saying this before saying that was"cool". But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. .If a doctor has just had a patient rushed over who is sufferingfrom gangrene in the leg, and the doctor begins to amputatethe head of the patient instead of the leg, someone wouldneed to walk over to the doctor and say, "STOP.".That's what we need to say to our gangrenous Congress now,as well as to the Head of State..The regressive math must be changed. .First, $100 - not $85 - should be the threshold at whichwelfare recipients begin to lose benefits as a result ofearning that $100 per month. But the loss of benefitsshould not be a PUNISHMENT FOR WORKING!.The loss of benefits should only take effect after the firstof the year in the year after the welfare recipient starts to get back to work, and maintains employment for at leastthree months of that prior year, for at least 80 hours per month..These two simple reforms will make the numbers easierto handle for IRS employees (who are, as we know, busywith the task of political repression against the Tea Party)and will give welfare recipients a chance to get back ontheir feet..Now, the mathematical scale of loss of benefits should be less punitive, and less interfering with the incentives togo back to work or to enter the job market..Instead of a flat curve of losing $1 for every additional $2earned above the limit, the loss should take placelike this:.For the first four dollars earned above the limit, the welfarerecipient loses one penny in benefits. For the 2nd fourdollar bracket, two cents, and so forth up to the 400th dollarabove the limit, at which the welfare recipient will lose $1 for every four dollars of welfare benefits received. In this way, the loss of welfare benefits will be adequatelycushioned by earned income obtained at an honest job.This will encourage people to get back to work by removingthe fear of abrupt loss of benefits. .By being more generous in the way the back-to-work issuesare handled for welfare recipients, this leniency will actuallysave taxpayers billions of dollars per month - and of coursewelfare recipients will BECOME taxpayers, because everyonewho eats, wants to live better, if they have the opportunity..The graduated increment works better than theoversimplified, arbitrary number - a number whichoften seems like a fiery hoop to those who are askedby Congress or a State legislature to jump through..We have some other ideas about jumping thatGovernment might want to try, the next time theytell the American people to go Governmenthas done too often in recent years..Welfare must not be a self-perpetuating trap, or an excuse for Government to treat people invasively..People who are handicapped or disadvantaged in obtaining employment should not be perpetually humiliated by telling them that welfare is their onlyoption for above-the-table income, or that if they obtain employment that they will lose benefits.This is the stupidest and cruelest thing Governmentcan tell handicapped and disadvantaged people.Everyone deserves the opportunity to have hopein the Land of Opportunity..Please sign this petition and check the links onit - links such as this:.<>.Good luck to everyone who clicks the link directly above,and all the other links here in this petition..And to all members of Congress - you will have better luckif you ACTUALLY READ LEGISLATION and THINK ABOUTWHAT YOU ARE READING before voting "YES". How do youknow your legislative assistants or Legislative Directors are not being bribed by some corporate interest or lobbyist totell you to vote this way or that? How do you know thatyou can even trust anyone from the White House?Haven't you learned your lesson on that very recently?Are you PROUD of Washington politics in recent years? We hope something can be done to change it..Very truly yours,Scott DavisChairmanCommittee of 37 Peace InitiativePO Box 877Edgmont, PA 19028-0877USA      

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