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    No To Milhaus Development's Variance Requests For The AT&T Site At College & Kessler

    I oppose the petitions for height and setback variances sought by 5858 N. College LLC on behalf of Milhaus Development for the property located at 5870 North College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN also known as the AT&T Site at College Avenue and Kessler Blvd.   Current zoning allows a maximum height of 35 feet. Milhaus is seeking to construct a building that is 54 feet tall (a 65% increase over the current maximum).  In addition, current zoning allows a maximum setback of 20 feet. Milhaus is seeking to increase the setback to 30.75 feet (also a 65% increase over the current maximum).  The city of Indianapolis should deny the height and setback variance requests for this location (case numbers 2016-CZN-818 and 2016-CVR-818 Amended) because the variance requests:   1. Lack continuity with the prevailing aesthetics, building standards, and construction materials of the adjoining neighborhood; and 2. Exceed long-established neighborhood building codes with respect to height and setback. If the requested variances are granted, they will establish a new development precedent that is a radical and unwanted departure from neighborhood standards.  In addition, the Milhaus plan does not include adequate provisions for tenant and customer parking, does not adequately address vehicular traffic increases that threaten pedestrians and nearby elementary schools, and does not contain adequate provisions for site safety and security.  By signing this petition, I affirm my opposition to the above-mentioned height and setback variance requests (case numbers 2016-CZN-818 and 2016-CVR-818 Amended).
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    Stop The Indianapolis Red Line Transit Project

    A growing number of Indianapolis residents are becoming aware of a development scheme that will have long-term consequences. IndyGo is planning to build a $350 million dollar electric bus system. The first phase, called the Red Line, will run along College Avenue and Meridian Street from 66th Street down to the University of Indianapolis. Since there is little demand for an expensive electric bus along this route, the City plans to promote ridership by allowing private developers to build 5 story apartment complexes along College Avenue. To further promote ridership, IndyGo plans to close lanes on College Avenue, build a 15 inch high median, and restrict left turns. This will slow traffic, eliminate street parking, hurt existing businesses, and forever alter the character of historic neighborhoods such as Meridian-Kessler and Forrest Hills. The Red Line has been cleverly packaged as progressive, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly; but don’t be fooled. The Red Line is a well orchestrated scheme that allows developers to exploit a federal transportation grant at the expense of neighborhoods and taxpayers. Please help us share the message:   NO TO THE RED LINE TRANSIT PROJECT.
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