College Summit

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Our current education system is ill designed to ensure that all young people who are college-ready make it to college: each year an estimated 200,000 low-income youth graduate from high school, capable of success in college, yet do not enroll. Though the barriers preventing these youth from accessing higher education guidance, resources, support are surmountable, the consequences for not fixing the system are intensifying:

-Every 23 seconds, a student drops out of a public high school adding up to 1.1 million students per year.

-Only one in three low-income high school students enrolls in college.

-For the first time since the late 1800s, America no longer has the world's highest rate of young students going on to a postsecondary institution. When compared with other industrialized nations, the United States now ranks only 13th in the percentage of the population that enters and completes college.

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