Coalition for Justice and Respect(CJR)

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CJR is a coalition of organizations, agencies, social organizations and clubs, governmental initiatives, private initiatives, faith based communities, private initiatives, and individuals that believe in the full human rights and social justice of the Black African-American Lesbians and Gays. CJR is organized to challenge racism and anti-Gay and Lesbian intention and action perpetrated by organizations, governmental initiatives, or private acts that compromise the full human rights of Black African-American Lesbians and Gays. We are a social action workshop and network. CJR educates the public and individuals to stomp out ignorance against Black African-American Lesbians and Gays as we uplift and build the esteem of Black African-Americans Lesbians and Gays. CJR accomplishes these goals through community forums, accountability sessions, marches, demonstrations, publications, and electronic presence. CJR organizes around topics of public interest such as violence directed at Lesbians and Gays and discrimination based on: race gender, faith, secular belief, age, misogyny, and social economics. CJR also promotes issues of public health especially as related to: HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, Obesity, and Hypertension.

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