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Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance (CASA) is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on health, environment and energy policies in the Adriatic region. We are opposed to oil and gas exploration in the Adriatic Sea and advocate for a rapid transition to 100% clean energy.

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Petitioning Bujar Nishani

Adriatic Countries: Permanently Ban Oil and Gas Drilling in the Adriatic Sea

Dear ladies and gentlemen, We call on the countries of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania to come together and implement a permanent ban on hydrocarbon exploration and production drilling in the waters of the almost entirely enclosed Adriatic Sea. A ban on Adriatic fossil fuel extraction is a critical step, alongside an immediate social and economic plan to move aggressively to 100% clean renewable energy, in order to reverse climate change and stop Adriatic degradation. Please provide the critical protections and clean energy resources that our communities are demanding from our leaders in the Adriatic region. Together we can build healthier, self-sufficient communities and a stronger economy. Thank you.

Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance
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Petitioning Martin Schulz (SPD)

Stop Oil/Gas Drilling in the Croatian Adriatic Sea | Stop bušenju nafte i plina u hrvatskom Jadranu

Ladies and Gentlemen  |  Dame i Gospodo I ask you to sign the petition to stop plans for oil and gas drilling in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. These plans would seriously damage the environment and the people that live in the region. Please find the entire petition text, in English and Croatian below. Thank you. Molimo potpišite peticiju za zaustavljanje planova za bušenje nafte i plina u hrvatskom dijelu Jadranskog mora.  Ovi planovi ozbiljno bi ugrozili okoliš i ljude koji žive u ovoj regiji. Molimo pronađite cijeli tekst peticije na engleskom i hrvatskom jeziku u nastavku. Hvala Vam.

Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance
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