Class Size Matters

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Class Size Matters is a non-profit organization of parents and other concerned citizens, dedicated to achieving smaller classes in New York City and in the nation as a whole. Despite the fact that class size reduction is one of the few education reforms shown to narrow the achievement gap, large classes are very common in high-needs urban districts around the country.

In addition to higher student achievement and lower dropout rates, smaller classes are linked to a host of other benefits, including reduced teacher attrition, lower rates of disciplinary referrals and school violence, more student engagement and greater parental involvement.

We examine the research, analyze data on student achievement, and provide summaries and fact sheets to parents, public officials, advocates and school board members throughout the country on the benefits of smaller classes. We are also at the forefront of an effort to reduce class size in New York City public schools, which have the largest classes in the state and some of the largest in the nation.

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