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    Create a Nature Park in South Langford

    The City of Langford currently has a unique opportunity to create a large nature park in South Langford that will both protect endangered species and provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and education (hiking, nature kindergartens, etc.). A 70+ acre parcel of greenspace in South Langford is up for rezoning to allow for a high-density development. The land on these parcels is currently steep, undeveloped forest containing rare Garry Oak meadows, critical habitats for the endangered sharp-tailed snake and western painted turtle (as flagged by the federal government and CRD), at least 6 other species at risk (Corvidae assessment, 2018), and two important creeks that feed the Bilston Creek watershed. The developer (Langdon Weir Consulting) and The Land Conservancy have both committed to exploring the ecological and economical benefits of a conservation covenant to protect part of this land, but we need the City of Langford on board to make it happen. We are asking that the City of Langford to commit to the following: Work with the developer and community groups to create a conservation covenant that will protect large contiguous areas of the parcel that contain biodiversity-rich and sensitive habitats. Direct funds from the Langford Parkland Acquisition Reserve Fund to support the process of creating a new forested park that will protect these ecologically important areas and create a valuable community resource for Langford residents. Along with signing this petition, please consider writing to Council. We've made it easy for you by providing one-click letters- no writing necessary! Please also consider attending the public hearing for this proposal on Monday November 25th. It is crucial that as many people attend as possible! For more information on this proposal and other ways you can take action, visit 

    Citizens of South Langford for Sustainable Development (CSLSD)
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    We can do better: Rezoning in South Langford

    On July 8th, 2019, the City of Langford Planning, Zoning and Housing Committee recommended rezoning a 70+ acre parcel of greenspace in South Langford to create a large, high-density development.The land on these parcels is currently steep, undeveloped forest. A developer is proposing to rezone this land from RR2 (Rural Residential) to brand new, high density zone R5 (One Family Residential). This zoning will allow the developer to build 450 homes, including 100 townhouses on this ecologically important land. View the full proposal and see our summary of the proposal and its implications. We are asking that: 1. The City of Langford delay first reading of the proposed rezoning of 950 Worrall Dr. and 804 Latoria, until more public review and consultation can take place. We need to better understand the implications of this unique, radical zoning change and the potential impact on the sensitive ecosystems and species at risk in the parcels. 2. The City of Langford amend the proposal to require the developer to leave a large, contiguous portion of forested greenspace as a park. The community has demonstrated that they want more natural, undeveloped greenspace in the South Langford - alongside other amenities like affordable housing and schools. We don't need to choose.  3. The Sooke School District (SD62) delay signing any land deal until these other conditions are met. Our growing region needs more schools, but not at the price of overdevelopment. SD62 should make sure that they get a deal that's good for everyone in the community, for the environment and for the future.  For more information on this proposal and other ways you can take action, visit

    Citizens of South Langford for Sustainable Development (CSLSD)
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