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    Please Reconsider the Water Street Location for the Tubs

    Most of the controversy and opposition to “A Fine Balance” (aka Tubs on Stilts) public art project centers on it being ill-suited for the Water St location. In fact, it has been reported that Brian Goggin (perhaps acknowledging many of the opposition’s objections) has stated that he would be agreeable to change the location, but that he is under the direction of the PPAC who, so far, is holding fast to Water St. We respectfully propose the following as a WIN/WIN solution: A—We request that Mr. Goggin ask the PPAC to give him permission to tailor his current design to fit at another location (and that permission be granted), and; B—We request that the PPAC conduct a facilitated visioning process with the community to arrive at a positive, publicly-supported plan for the Water St Plaza. Some of the locations to consider for relocating “A Fine Balance” would be: 1— McNear Peninsula (site of the Rivertown Revival event) 2— Ellis Creek wastewater treatment plant 3— Center of the South Petaluma Blvd roundabout 4- Lucchesi Park This path forward would recognize both community concerns and engagement, and also give the PPAC more specific direction for public art at the Water St location (including height and scale limitations, and the potential to complement future development of the area, such as the trolley/trestle restoration and Petaluma River Promenade project).

    CItizens Against Tubs on Stilts on Water Street
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