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    Stop Stalling -- Bridge the Ashley

    There is only one (relatively) safe and efficient method for crossing the Ashley River: motor vehicle. As congestion and costs increase, we must have safe options for several modes of transit.  A safe Ashley River crossing for people on bikes and foot has been debated in our community since the 1920s. Real study began in 2010, with examination of a stand-alone bridge, a cantilevered bridge, and conversion of the fourth lane for bicycles and pedestrians on the east-bound bridge (the Legare Bridge). The community has consistently supported each proposal. The most recent proposal of a stand-alone bridge has been met with the most support. Feedback for decades has been urgent — citizens, business owners, and tourists alike want to travel safely between the peninsula and West Ashley without having to rely solely on motor vehicles. Job and housing security, as well as public safety, depends upon it.  The opportunity to build a separate bicycle and pedestrian bridge across the Ashley River, finally completing a vital segment between the major employment centers, the highest residential centers, and unique greenspace is not only incredibly exciting, but also vital to protecting vulnerable users of our roadways. Two other bridges exist across the Ashley River: the James Island Connector and the North Bridge. Neither of these connections are safe for people on bike and foot, but they must be. The North Bridge could connect people by bike and foot between North Charleston and West Ashley, and the James Island Connector could connect people by bike between James Island and the peninsula.  We are urging the City of Charleston and Charleston County to work together, using transportation sales tax funding, to: 1.) construct a bicycle and pedestrian bridge immediately south of the existing Legare Bridge, using studies already compiled for the recent federal funding grant application; 2.) install simple retrofits to the James Island Connector to make the route safe for people on bikes (SCDOT has stated they will not allow pedestrians on the Connector). These retrofits could include lowering and enforcing the speed limit, installing rumble strips to delineate the breakdown lane, and installing signage to direct people on bikes from avoiding conflicts with motorists at exit ramps;  3.) complete an engineering study to determine the most effective way to retrofit the North Bridge for people on bike and foot.  Please help us by signing our petition. Stop Stalling--Bridge the Ashley in all three locations!  Update: if you sign this petition on or after February 19, 2020, you are also supporting the following edits: --study the Wappoo Cut Bridge to determine the most effective way to provide bike/ped access across it; --asking the decision makers to figure out all appropriate funding sources, and not just sales taxes.  ***NOTE REGARDING DONATIONS*** It has come to our attention that some of you, after signing, are being asked by to donate. We have not set up any fundraising option via our petition. No money donated this way goes to Charleston Moves. It appears the money donated goes to to advertise our petition further. We do not recommend donating via petition websites.     

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    Safety First for Folly Road!

    Folly Road is dangerous. The Rethink Folly Road study provides a specific blueprint for improving the conditions of the road for all users. Despite a quality plan and a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the Steering Committee has yet to move forward on even selecting the additional members. Meanwhile, over the course of two days this month, two different pedestrians were killed trying to cross Folly Road. The tragic loss of these two citizens count among the eleven fatal car-pedestrian collisions in the tri-county area so far in 2017.  What is Rethink Folly Road?: It is a "Complete Streets" study, commissioned by the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG) in association with the City of Charleston, the Town of James Island, the City of Folly Beach, Charleston County, the Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority (CARTA), and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT). The purpose of this study is to identify the opportunities and explore the potential to transform the Folly Road corridor into a more sustainable, multimodal corridor, which could serve as a precedent for the Charleston Region. The plan was completed by February 1, 2016. The MOU between the various entities involved was signed between February and June of 2016.  Four of the Rethink Folly Road Steering Committee members have been appointed. The Chairman is Town of James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey and the Vice-Chair is City of Charleston Councilmember Kathleen Wilson. The other two members are City of Folly Beach Councilmember Laurie Hull and Charleston County Councilmember Joe Qualey.  We petition the existing members of the Rethink Folly Road Steering Committee to, at minimum: 1. Meet again by September 2017 and at that meeting:       a. select and appoint remaining steering committee members;      b. develop an official, regular meeting schedule for 2017-18.  2. Identify the location of a priority crosswalk installation at a signalized intersection. The design, necessary approvals, and identification of funding sources are all to be completed by December 2017. 3. Identify the location of a priority crosswalk and appropriate signalization/signage installation at a mid-block crossing. The design, necessary approvals, and identification of funding sources are all to be completed by December 2017.  The completion of these steps will properly kickstart the Rethink Folly Road study into action. 

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