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We provide legal advocacy for girls and women in sports. Focus areas include equal play, such as traditional Title IX compliance in athletic departments, sexual harassment, abuse and assault in sport, as well as employment, pregnancy and LGBT discrimination.

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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives

Protect Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse!

Our country listened in shock, anger and sadness as 156 young women shared their stories of abuse by Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor. How did he get away with abusing so many innocent children for so long? Because adults who knew made the conscious decision to ignore it.Sign our petition to demand that Congress require adults working in youth sports to report sexual abuse.The Protecting Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of – known as The Safe Sport Act – would make members of the Olympic movement and youth sports mandatory reporters, and require they implement standard protections to protect athletes and other children from abuse. USA Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics failed to forward countless sexual abuse reports to police and allowed coaches found guilty of criminal child molestation to continue working. Under this bill, they will no longer be allowed to prioritize their profits and success over the safety of their athletes.If the Safe Sport Act had been in place, we could have stopped Larry Nassar much sooner. Help us protect future athletes by signing our petition. This is a common sense piece of legislation, endorsed by athletes, coaches, national sport governing bodies, and experts in child protection. It has bipartisan support and has already passed the House and Senate. Now we need your help to get it signed into law. If Nassar’s victims had the courage to stand up to their abuser, it’s our responsibility to raise our voices for them. Join the movement to protect our Olympians.

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Petitioning AAU, SafeSport , U.S. Center for Safesport, Roger Goudy, Jamie Davis, Shellie Pfohl

AAU: Uphold Your Zero Tolerance for Sex Abuse; Enforce the Ban Against Rick Butler

Tell Roger Goudy, President of the AAU, Jamie Davis, CEO of USA Volleyball, and Shellie Pfohl, CEO of the U.S. Center for SafeSport: Enforce Rick Butler’s lifetime ban from coaching volleyball!  Help us send a message to sport leaders before the AAU Junior National Championships at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports; sexually abusing coaches must not be permitted to coach. When the AAU provides an abusive coach with a position of trust and leadership, they are putting hundreds of athletes at risk, including children. Children like Sarah Powers-Barnhard, who was just 15 when she started playing club volleyball in the 1980s. Rick Butler was her first coach. He told her she had the potential to get a college scholarship… but only if she trained with him, trusted him, and did what he told her to do. Coach Rick Butler used that position of trust and power to sexually abuse Sarah hundreds of times between the ages of 16 to 18 years old. Rick Butler went on to abuse at least two more of his athletes; Julie Bremner Romias and Christine Brigman Tuzi. In 1995, USA Volleyball and its Ethics Committee held a hearing to determine if Rick Butler violated the sport's ethics rules. All three victims testified at length. Rick Butler testified, and he presented character witnesses and fact witnesses. The Ethics Committee concluded that Rick Butler sexually abused all three girls, and that their only option was a life-time ban because of his "immorality, lack of judgment and unacceptable behavior.” In addition, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) also found “credible evidence” that the abuse allegations against Butler were true. Yet Rick Butler is now back and coaching girls. How? Five years after Rick Butler received the lifetime ban, the AAU and Volleyball saw dollar signs with his following in the sport of volleyball, and allowed him to reapply. Rick Butler was granted conditional membership to work as an administrator with boys’ teams. Over time, he started coaching girls again, despite the AAU’s “zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct” by its coaches.  Sarah Powers-Barnhard is now a Mid-Atlantic Conference Hall of Fame player and a successful volleyball coach. Not only does she want to protect other young athletes, (she is a mother of two and has coached hundreds of girls); it is unfair that she should have to coach in the same tournaments where her molester, Rick Butler, is on the court. She should not have to choose between her emotional safety or pursuing coaching professionally.  Please sign this petition to tell sport leaders: enforce Rick Butler’s lifetime coaching ban!  Please share this petition!   

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