Center For Neighborhoods

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What We Do... The vitality of any community depends on the engagement of its residents. Center For Neighborhoods cultivates grassroots leadership, provides leadership education, partners with neighborhoods in community planning efforts, facilitates civic dialogue amongst stakeholders, and actively participates in neighborhood-based development and improvement projects. Center For Neighborhoods, formerly the Louisville Community Design Center, has pursued its mission for over 30 years!

Center For Neighborhoods supports and empowers neighborhoods to create stronger and more vital communities.

We envision a greater Louisville community with caring and empowered people, making and renewing neighborhoods that are strong and vital.

Civic engagement and community progress

- Community building from the ground upParticipative processes that are genuine, broad-based, and productive

- Grassroots leadership and neighborhood initiative

- Diversity of culture, thought, and ability

- Placing the needs of neighborhoods and the good of the community before all other interests

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