Center for Democracy in Government

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The Center for Democracy in Government is a community of people researching, analyzing and reporting on the influence of corporations and lobbyists in our government and society.

The idea behind the system of democracy is that all eligible people in a society have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. At the heart of democracy are elections where each person has the opportunity to vote for who will represent them in government. In an perfect world, those elected to government listen to the voters and then defend and promote those ideas.

Unfortunately, the system of democracy has become unbalanced.

The interests of corporations - banks, health insurance providers, oil and coal - who can afford to pay an army of professionals to pressure our elected officials, are overwhelming the interests of the individual. The voice of the people - the voters - is being drowned out. In many cases, for example on the issues of health care, environment and internet privacy, the interests of the corporations can negatively impact individuals in our society.

To be clear, the Center for Democracy in Government is not an anti-corporate organization. Corporations play an important role in our society, creating jobs, serving our communities and providing the goods and services we need to go about our daily lives. Corporations should have a voice in government decision making.

We need to return to a fair and balanced democracy that sees both individual and corporate interests being taken into account.

By protecting and promoting democracy, we are protecting and promoting the rights and freedoms of the inidividual. A return to a reasonable balance between corporate and individual interests in government is necessary and we here at the Center for Democracy in Government believe that one important component to regaining this balance is through researching and making public the corporate lobbyists - the people behind the influence that is risking the very definiton of what a democracy is.

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