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Causa Justa :: Just Cause builds grassroots power and leadership to create strong, equitable communities. Born from a visionary merger between a Black organization and a Latino immigrant organization, we build bridges of solidarity between working class communities of color. Through rights-based services, policy campaigns, civic engagement, and direct action, we improve conditions in our neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, and contribute to building the larger multi-racial, multi-generational movement needed for fundamental change.

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Petitioning Sridhar Equities - 408- 725-9501, Sridhar Equities

Take Action and Help Keep the Sanchez Family in Their Home

Espanol Abajo The housing crisis in San Francisco continues to upend the lives of everyday families - from an increase of unjust Owner Move-In Evictions to the usage of state-level loopholes like Costa Hawkins to impose astronomical rent increases. But, where there are unjust evictions there is a community standing up our right to stay.  Join us and take action as we support the Sanchez’s Family and asking Madhu Sridhar & Anjali Sridhar of Sridhar Equities to rescind rent increase notice & leave rent at $2K   In May we told you about Trinidad Sanchez and her family when they received the keys to their refurbished Bayview apartment, which had suffered serious damage after a fire. We also told you that they were facing the threat of a huge “Costa Hawkins” rent increase. Well it happened. On June 28, Mr. Cody Chapman, property manager, delivered a notice that as of Sept 1st 2017, Trinidad’s rent would be increased by $1,000. Along with the notice Mr. Chapman stated that they “hope to open a dialogue for buyout options.” making it clear that this landlord wants the family out. Astonishingly, the landlord Madhu Sridhar & Anjali Sridhar of Sridhar Equities previously listed the home for $3,700 even before he had informed the Sanchez family that their home had been refurbished and was ready to for them to return. This of course is not the first time that Madhu Sridhar & Anjali Sridhar of Sridhar Equities have acted unethically. Their history as landlords includes an attempt to  displace 33 Filipino families in Alameda, and a lawsuit for failing to keep their units in habitable conditions. For these landlords a massive Costa Hawkins rent increase to a family that has just survived a fire in their unit is just another part of their unscrupulous business practices. Stand with Trinidad and her family by signing this petition urging this landlord to rescind the rent increase and to leave the rent at $2,000.  Landlords that are bad actors should not be allowed to continue to abuse their tenants and be rewarded for it.  To read more about Trinidad's Story  HERE ************************************************************************************************** Tome Acción y Ayude a Poner Alto al Desalojo de la Familia Sanchez La crisis de vivienda en San Francisco continúa afectando las vidas de familias - con aumentos de renta o desalojos injustos por mudanza de dueños o al usar leyes estatales como Costa Hawkins para imponer un aumento de renta astronómico. Pero donde hay desalojos injustos hay comunidad luchando por nuestro derecho a permanecer.  Apoye a la Familia Sanchez urgiendo a Madhu Sridhar & Anjali Sridhar de Sridhar Equities rebocen el aviso de aumento de renta y dejen la renta a $2K  En Mayo, les dejamos saber  de Trinidad Sanchez y su familia cuando recibieron llaves de su apartamento renovado en el Bayview, cual había sufrido un danos tremendo por un incendio. También les dejamos saber que estaban enfrentando una amenaza de un aumento de renta astronómico de “Costa Hawkins.” Bueno sucedio. El 28 de Junio, Cody Chapman, el encargado de la propiedad, le entregó al aviso de aumento de renta empezando el 1ero de septiembre 2017, el aumento de rental aumentaría por $1,000. Con al aviso el Snr. Chapman comentó que “esperamos poder dialogar sobre ofertas de compra,” haciendo claro que los dueños quieren a la familia afuera. Asombrosamente, los dueños Madhu Sridhar & Anjali Sridhar de Sridhar Equities habían listado el hogar por $3,700 antes de informar a la familia Sanchez que el hogar se había reparado y estaba listo para que ellos regresaran. Claro, está no es la primera vez que Madhu Sridhar & Anjali Sridhar de Sridhar Equities han actuado sin éticos. Su historia como dueños incluye un intento a desplazar a 33 familia Filipinas en Alameda, y hay una demanda por negligencia de mantener la vivienda en condiciones habitables. Para estos dueños un aumento masivo de Costa Hawkins a una familia que ha sobrevivido un incendio en su unidad es otra parte de sus prácticas inescrupulosas. Unese con Trinidad y su familia en firmar esta petición y urgir a los dueños que recogen el aumento de renta y dejen la renta a $2,000. Dueños que son malos actores no deben ser autorizados a seguir abusando de sus inquilinos y ser recompensados por hacerlo. AQUI para leer mas sobre la historia de Faustino y Norma 

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Petitioning Edwin Lee

Please help SF tenants! Don't cave-in to the pressure from some landlords and realtors! Sign the SF buy-out regulation ordinance.

This ordinance would help the city track the true level of displacement in San Francisco. Doing this would help the City develop more precise policy solutions  to address our housing crisis. This legislation would ensure that tenants negotiate buyouts on a level playing field with sufficient knowledge of their rights. Mayor Lee — Do the right thing! Sign this ordinance!

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Petitioning Francis Ho, 510-748-9033

Francis Ho, FAS Realty, San Leandro, CA: Allow Thelma Gooch, 78, to stay in her home.

Thelma Gooch got a bad loan to fix up her home and was suddenly faced with foreclosure. The fly-by-night company she hired to help with her case, lost it and before she knew it, she was looking at losing the home she had raised her family in for 38 years. All she still owed on that loan was $4,500. The foreclosure basically amounts to the swindle and theft of her home. The last five years have seen the largest loss of wealth for African-Americans in this country’s history. Foreclosures like this are the daily evidence. On January 9, without prior notice, the Sheriff showed up at Ms. Gooch’s house to evict her. FAS Real Estate bought her home at auction. They are being inflexible. They will not let Ms. Gooch stay in her home at night, even to pack her things They’ve given her two weeks to move out. Now she is out in the cold. She wants at least 90 days to remain in the home while she figures out what to do next. It’s the least FAS Realty could do  

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