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    Nickelodeon: Give The Modifyers there Show

    Because when I first saw the pilot episode it was so amazing and very new. It was like so many mixture of shows like My life as a teenage Robot, to Tuff Puppy, and even Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. But when they rejected it and aired some terrible show like Fanboy and Chum Chum it was a mistake they might have done, I'm not saying they made a bad idea its just that it wasn't that interesting But the Modifyers was actually much better because about a agent girl stopping a nasty villain from taking over the world and such it was actually more cleaver then I though and it kinda reminds me of Austin powers which it was the best I ever seen. so this is why I'm making this petition because I really want this show to get what should of been there next brilliant idea because without it then nickelodeon will have some minor issues on getting there audience something to watch or even if you needed to air the show on Nicktoons just in case because it's the best way to show not only amazing cartoons but even this wildly funny cartoon. Trust me I watched Nickelodeon Cartoons since I was young and I wanted to see something like The Modifyers to be part of the coolest network around because you gave us Ren and Stimpy, the fairly oddparents, Doug, the Rugrats, Tuff puppy, kung fu panda legend of awesomeness, my life as a teenage robot, teenage mutant ninja turtles and so much more. If The Modifyers was part of this then yeah they will be even greater then ever so if you all agree with me sign my petition to get the modifyers on Nickelodeon and together we can make anything where Kids Rule and even more. Thank you for listening.

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