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    Dear Carleton University Activity Board,  It has come to our attention that you are hosting Rays Reptile Zoo at Carleton. We are asking you to cancel this event. Why:-Rays reptile zoo pretends it is a sanctuary while using the animals as a traveling circus act. The point of a sanctuary is to free animals of exploitation and to let them live out their lives free. NOT to use the animals for selfies, travel constantly and go to loud events.-The zoo puts animals in small cages to transport them, this causes high stress on the animals.-WIld animals are not meant to interact with hundreds of students. It is noisy and the environment is terrifying for them. -Carleton supporting this event is saying it supports animal exploitation, animal slavery, and abuse.-No matter how you mask this event as informative, it is NOT. You may pretend it is to educate students, but there is nothing educational about showing how to abuse an animal. Students lives will continue if they do not have a photo of an Iguana. However, the stress this action takes on the animal WILL leave the animal to a life of agony, exploitation, abuse, and suffering. Show our capital and students we are not a school that supports ABUSE. Cancel this event!  Sincerely, The Carleton Animal Defense

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    Expand Dairy Plant-based Alternatives at Carleton University!

    ***PLEASE STATE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE A CARLETON STUDENT***  The Canadian Food Guide is currently discussing removing dairy from the food pyramid; as it is becoming increasingly more accepted that it is not a needed component of a healthy diet. All dairy products can easily be replaced with plant-based versions. Carleton Animal Defense is asking that Carleton University provides dairy free plant-based alternatives, for both students and the benefits of the animals which supporting Dairy inflicts harm on. The following is a list outlining products which are being requested: - Plant-based ice creams available to students in the first year dining hall. - Replace butter with dairy-free (vegan) butter and alternatives.  - Have vegan cheese options available.  - Make sure veggie burgers and other faux meats do not contain egg, or dairy so that it is suitable for those on a plant-based diet.  - Have more plant-based dessert options; i.e with replacing the milk with dairy-free alternatives and so forth.   Overall, where it is possible to incorporate more plant-based dairy options we are recommending that it be done.  Students signing below are asking for more plant-based alternatives on campus. ***PLEASE STATE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE A CARLETON STUDENT*** Find out more information about our organization by clicking here :

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