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    Help Rebuild Canyon Gate

    We live in Canyon Gate, Katy, Texas, which is a subdivision of 721 homes that was under mandatory evacuation for 11 days while it was submerged in sewage water with toxic levels of E. coli. Our subdivision abuts the Barker Reservoir and flooded from water forced upstream. The majority of the homeowners in our community did not have flood insurance and every single home incurred tremendous damage. The residents of our community have lost their homes, property contents, clothing and necessities for daily living and most also lost their vehicles. Our homes are now uninhabitable and surrounded by mounds of contaminated trash. FEMA assistance has not been effective for our immediate and long-term requirements and we have repeatedly reached out to our local government and not received answers or help. We are seeking your immediate HELP to rebuild our homes, lives and community. As a community of neighbors we have banded together to handle the removal of the sewage and mold that has overcome our individual homes. We are sharing tools, supplies and physical manpower helping each other around the clock. Donations of cleaning supplies have been helpful and the hard work of the homeowners in our community has given us great progress. But now that our homes are gutted, we don’t know how we can afford to rebuild our homes. We are not experienced contractors and our personal funds are being utilized to support our families in a second residence. Please visit our neighborhood and talk to us to understand our situation. We know you care and we know you can help us.

    Canyon Gate Recovery Group
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    We, the Residents of Canyon Gate at Cinco Ranch in Fort Bend County, Texas, demand our local, state and federal leaders find permanent solutions to the catastrophic flooding associated with the Barker Reservoir.  Our subdivision of 721 homes was submerged in toxic levels of E. coli for 11 days as a direct result of the Barker Reservoir and the management thereof.  Our homes remain uninhabitable and will continue to be uninhabitable for an unknown duration. We want a pre-flood fair-market value government buyout of our homes in Canyon Gate to ensure our safety and the safety of surrounding Fort Bend County communities from the inevitable future catastrophic flood events. The minimal FEMA assistance is not effective for our immediate and long-term requirements.  We need your HELP NOW.  We have documented hundreds of calls and emails to the offices of Senator Cruz, Senator Cornyn and Congressmen Olson and are expanding our efforts to achieve the outcome necessary: a fair buyout plan for Canyon Gate.  We need our elected leaders to take immediate action for the health and safety of our families and Fort Bend County communities.  

    Canyon Gate Recovery Group
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