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We are a collective of people and national groups that have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption in Canada, as well as the export of live horses to other countries for the same purpose.

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End The Tragedy Of Horse Blood Farms

Although bleeding one’s victims until they are emaciated and weak may sound like the horrifying work of vampires, many will be surprised to learn about a very real industry in South America that preys on the blood of horses in order to turn a profit.Horse blood farms in Argentina and Uruguay collect blood from pregnant mares to supply the agricultural industry worldwide with a hormone that regulates and synchronizes the ovulation cycles of pigs, cattle and sheep.  This hormone is known as Pregnant Mare’s Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG), and its production is a multi-million dollar international business.Numerous animal welfare violations have been identified on these blood farms: Violent handling of mares during the blood extraction process Installations and methods of restraint posing a high risk of injury Emaciated and cachectic horses left unattended on vast pastures, as well as weak, dull, lethargic horses Sick, injured and lame horses left untreated No veterinary supervision or care observed Horses dying on the pastures without euthanasia Abortions carried out systematically Insufficient or nonexistent hoof care Lack of man-made shelter or dry resting area. Horses who survive the repetitive cycle of impregnation, blood extraction, and abortion are so weakened that they are no longer able to become pregnant.  Such horses are either left to die in fields or are shipped to slaughter.Please view this excellent video by Animal Welfare Foundation/Tierschutzbund Zurich provides more information on the cruelties of the horse blood trade in South America:  https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v= Rc1rhfMVIO8 . For further information,  please read the November Newsletter of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition on the blood farms,  the extraction process,  and the conditions these mares endure - tentacles of this gruesome industry have even reached Canada, one of many countries where the product is sold!  Please add your voice to a rising tide of opposition against this cruel practice.We petition: 1) Mr. Greg Shewfelt,  President, Partnar Animal Health,, to stop importing PMSG from South America and to sell synthetic alternatives to PMSG instead. 2) Jean Szkotnicki, President, Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI),, to stop supporting the import of PMSG from South America and to support the sale of synthetic alternatives to PMSG instead.  Partnar Animal Health is a full member of CAHI. 3) The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association whom we encourage to take a leading position against the use of horses for the production of PMSG.    

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
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Ask Atlas Air to End the Shipment of Live Horses for Slaughter

We don’t know whether Ambassador was born in Canada or the United States.  What we do know is that he was shipped by air to Japan for slaughter earlier this year. Like all foals, his life began in the tender care of his mother whose protective instincts would have prompted her to do anything to protect her baby.  His soft ears perked up at the sound of his mother’s nicker as she tenderly encouraged him to stand and wobble about for the first time.  Hungrily, he guzzled her rich, warm milk.  He loved the spring sun on his back and the wind stirring his short, infant mane as he learned to gallop.  With the passing months, he grew faster and stronger and was soon easily able to keep up with his mother as they cantered together. Perhaps it is a good thing that Ambassador and his mother knew nothing about his future.  During the days they spent with each other, they didn’t know that his life was worth nothing more than the money his flesh would bring.  They didn’t know that Ambassador would eventually be transported to a quarantine feedlot and be shipped with other horses to a faraway country for the sake of being slaughtered and eaten.  Ambassador’s mother may well have suffered the same fate.  Every year, approximately 7000 horses are transported by air from Calgary and Winnipeg (Canada) to Japan.  These shipments are often conducted weekly, with up to three to four large horses crammed together in wooden crates with little room to move around, let alone lie down to rest.  No food or water is provided during the gruelling journey to another continent.  Canadian legislation permits horses to be transported without food and water for up to 36 hours.  Sometimes, due to flight delays, the 36-hour period is breached.  During one year alone, six horses died during transport, three perished as a result of a landing accident, and one horse was found upside down and dead in his crate. Canadian legislation prohibits horses over 14 hands high (like Ambassador) to share a crate with other horses.  The law says they must be singly shipped.  Their heads must not touch the ceiling of the crate.  Horses must not be deprived of food and water for any longer than 36 hours. The law says all of the above things.  But for reasons of profit, Canada ignores the law. The carrier responsible for shipping these horses to their deaths is Atlas Air, Inc., based in Purchase, New York.  In Ambassador’s memory, we invite you to politely request that Atlas Air stop shipments of live horses for slaughter. Links to supportive articles: New footage of shipment of live draft horses arriving in Japan - Footage from the Calgary, Canada airport from 2013 - Draft horse hitting the top of crate with his head - Debate on live horse shipment: CHDC Issues Press Release - CHDC files complaint with CFIA: CFIA Failure to Enforce Regulations: We are petitioning: Richard BroekmanStaff Vice PresidentCommercial Development and Charter SalesEmail: richard.broekman@atlasair.comPhone: +1 914 701 8211Mobile: +1 914 426 6900 Peter BeckettSenior Director Charter Sales and MarketingEmail: peter.beckett@atlasair.comPhone: +1 310 743 1042Mobile: +1 914 318 3955 Jordan FrohlingerSenior Manager Commercial Development, Sales and Marketingjordan.frohlinger@atlasair.comPhone: +1 914 701 8068Mobile: +1 914 338 6108    

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