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Campaign Against Antisemitism is a volunteer-led charity dedicated to exposing antisemitism and countering it through education and zero-tolerance enforcement of the law.

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Petitioning BBC

Dismiss Jeremy Bowen over “Racism, hate and violence are Jewish values too” article

Campaign Against Antisemitism is calling for the BBC to dismiss its Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen, over a tweet on his official BBC Twitter account, posted today, instructing “every Jew” to read an “exploration of Judaism” that claimed that “Racism, hate and violence are Jewish values too”. The linked article, published in the Ha’aretz newspaper, argued that the Torah contains plenty of examples of people behaving in a manner that is racist, hateful and violent, and that their behaviour can be interpreted as being “Jewish values” by some extremists. Though the article itself argued in its fullness that the Torah can be an extremely constructive or destructive influence, depending on how it is interpreted by individuals, that part of the article was behind a paywall, so that the vast majority of Mr Bowen’s followers are likely to have only seen the inflammatory headline, image and opening paragraph, without context. Mr Bowen has prior form. In 2015, he tweeted that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, “plays the holocaust [sic] card” during a speech in which Mr Netanyahu had acknowledged that Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel was in the audience and promised to learn the lessons of the Holocaust by ensuring that Jews never again faced annihilation. Bowen never apologised, but tweeted that he considered himself to be neither an antisemite nor a Holocaust denier, without addressing his vile turn of phrase, which the BBC dismissed as “journalism shorthand”. Campaign Against Antisemitism’s latest Antisemitism Barometer study revealed that two thirds of British Jews are deeply concerned by the BBC’s coverage of matters of Jewish concern, and 55% by its handling of antisemitism complaints. Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “Jeremy Bowen is an experienced journalist, who is supposed to act with impartiality. He knows about the impact of words and images. As antisemitic incidents against Jews in Britain surge, Mr Bowen has chosen this moment to order all Jews to read an article that most people will have taken to be an analysis of why Judaism is a religion of ‘racism, hate and violence’. He will have known the feelings towards Jews that this would incite and recklessly added fuel to the fire. Had he tweeted in a similar way about any other minority, I do not believe that he would still be in his position this evening. The BBC must act immediately.” Please join our call by signing our petition.

Campaign Against Antisemitism
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Petitioning BBC

BBC: Apologise now for suggesting Jews might not “count” as an ethnic minority

On 1st March 2021, the BBC aired a debate that asked: “Should Jews count as an ethnic minority?” This is a question that the BBC would never presume to ask about any other British minority community. The segment, which featured on the BBC’s Politics Live show, invited four non-Jewish panellists to debate a Jewish guest, Ben Cohen, the Editor of Pink News, who rightly observed that “the notion of this debate is ridiculous”. When host Jo Coburn suggested that “many Jews have succeeded in reaching high political office and therefore don’t need to be seen as a group needing recognition in the same way as others”, Mr Cohen replied that Jews “face antisemitism and racism very clearly” and referenced the Labour Party’s institutional antisemitism. It is outrageous that the BBC has aired a segment on whether Jews count as an ethnic minority. The show’s own guest rightly considered the debate to be ‘ridiculous’. It is a question that the Corporation would never presume to ask of any other minority community in Britain, and it is telling that it does so in relation to the Jews. These segments show why, according to our research, two thirds of British Jews view the BBC’s coverage of Jewish matters unfavourably. The debate was stirred by the social media backlash against Labour’s Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner, who tweeted that Scottish Labour’s newly-elected leader is “the first ever ethnic minority leader of a political party anywhere in the UK”. As Campaign Against Antisemitism pointed out, historically at least four party leaders have been Jewish, namely Benjamin Disraeli (Conservatives), Herbert Samuel (Liberals), Michael Howard (Conservatives) and Ed Miliband (Labour). There have been minority leaders in minor parties as well, for example the controversial Salma Yaqoob of the Respect Party (she has since joined the Labour Party). Our most recent Antisemitism Barometer showed that two thirds of British Jews view unfavourably the BBC’s coverage of matters of Jewish interest (including antisemitism). Given broadcasts like this one, this breathtaking finding is wholly understandable. There are around 250,000 Jews in Britain. We suffer almost four times as much hate crime per capita as any other religious group. To hold a debate on whether or not we “count” as an ethnic minority is appalling. The BBC must apologise.

Campaign Against Antisemitism
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Petitioning BBC, ITV, Sky News

BBC, ITV, Sky News: Get Prof. John “time for Jews to reflect” Ashton off our televisions

We call on the BBC, ITV, Sky News and all other broadcasters to stop featuring John Ashton in their programming due to his long history of appalling statements. He is regularly included as a contributor on the pandemic, but according to the Jewish Chronicle, Prof. Ashton’s statements have included: “Sickening to see Zionists behave like Nazis.” “The Nazi thing was not a distraction to the Jews in Europe. The Zionist thing is not a distraction to the Palestinians.” “[the] way to get on in [the Labour] Party is to curry favour with Zionist donors.” “Is it [Israel] now satisfied about how many children it has murdered? What price the Holocaust?” “It’s very sad how intransigence of the Zionists has sullied the universal empathy for the victims of the Holocaust.” “Can anybody begin to imagine the impact on the mental health of survivors of the Gaza Ghetto? Surely time for Jews to reflect.” Calling Dame Louise Ellman, the Jewish former Labour MP, a “vile Zionist” Saying when Jewish former Labour MP Luciana Berger raised the matter of food banks with the Government: “what about the Palestinians?” “She [Luciana Berger] is from London and a Zionist. Full stop. Doesn’t fit with Liverpool’s universalism. End of.” According to the International Definition of Antisemitism, examples of antisemitism include: Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis. Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel. Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations. Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination (e.g. by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour). Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis. When confronted with this evidence, the BBC and Sky News dismissed Prof. Ashton’s remarks as just “political views”. Prof. Ashton has no place on our television screens, and the BBC, ITV and Sky News must cease featuring him at once.

Campaign Against Antisemitism
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Petitioning The Parliamentary Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and is unfit to hold any public office

For months, events from Jeremy Corbyn’s disturbing past have trickled into the light. Among his many acts during his time as a backbench MP, when he could speak his mind without fear of scrutiny, he blamed Islamist terrorist attacks on Israel; defended an appalling antisemitic mural; honoured a sheikh banned from the UK for saying that Jews drink non-Jews’ blood; said that a Hamas terrorist whose life’s work was the murder of Jews was his ‘brother’; held a repulsive event on Holocaust Memorial Day in which Jews were accused of being the successors to the Nazis; tried to have the word ‘Holocaust’ removed from the title of Holocaust Memorial Day; laid a wreath at a memorial for the Black September terrorists behind the Munich Massacre; made euphemistic comments to suggest that Jews are somehow un-British and foreign to the ways of our country, and more. In response to these revelations, Jeremy Corbyn has lied, distracted, tried to twist the definition of antisemitism to exclude his past conduct, and issued false apologies when pressure mounted. He has claimed to have been seeking peace and to have been judged out of context, but the facts show that over many years he sought to defend, honour, assist and promote antisemites, and the context is that his actions have been consistent with those of an ideological antisemite. We had hoped that the Labour Party might at some point rise to the defence of British Jews, but the institutions of the once proudly anti-racist Labour Party are now corrupted and will not act. Instead they merely persecute those members who stand up to antisemitism. For as long as the Labour Party is in Jeremy Corbyn’s grip, it cannot be a force for good. His past demonstrates that he should never have been elected to the leadership of the Labour Party and he is unfit to hold any public office. Antisemites must not hold positions of power.

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Petitioning Channel 5, Endemol Shine UK

Remove Nazi housemate who claims to be “Hitler reborn” from Big Brother!

The latest series of Big Brother on Channel 5 includes the participation of Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, better known by her stage name “Tila Tequila”. Nguyen has previously expressed her admiration for Adolf Hitler, and also posted a picture on Facebook showing her holding a gun, wearing a swastika arm band and Nazi uniform hat, standing in front of Auschwitz concentration camp, where an estimate 1.1 million people were killed. Approximately 1 in 6 of the 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust died at the camp. Nguyen has written on social media that Hitler was a “special and sweet kid” who was rejected by art schools and later “bullied”. She said she similarly felt “mocked” and “rejected” when she tried to convert to Judaism in 2012. She claimed that “Hitler was NOT as bad as he was painted out to be”. Her blog entry “Why I Sympathize With Hitler Part 1: True History Unveiled” has been removed, but is still available through Internet cache sites. Nguyen has also written on Facebook that she considers herself to be “Hitler reborn” which she followed with a smiley face emoji. Facebook has blocked Nguyen’s profile in the past as a result of her extremist and anti-Semitic posts. She complained that she had been banned “a total of 8 times! For nothing except for maybe the fact that they are owned by the ZIONISTS!” She went on to say: “I find it quite absurd that jewbook bans me for yet another 30 days then warns me that they will delete my page totally if I do not 'FOLLOW THEIR RULES AND BE A GOOD GOYIM!' – Jewbook bans me constantly for nothing… the second I write a blog about how I sympathize with Hitler, I immediately get banned for 30 days AND they have removed majority of my posts. So now their jewbook shills and other mainstream media news outlets, which has now spread like wildfire, are saying that I deleted my posts!!!! I smell something fishy and it’s coming from jewbook shills!… I understand the Jewish people went through some shit too, but hey guess what?? SO DID THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WHO SUFFERED IN EVERY SINGLE WAR THST TOOK PLACE! You were NOT the only ones! So please, if the rest of us can forgive and forget maybe it’s time you do also!!!" The British public has little time for attention seeking Nazi sympathisers like “Tila Tequila”. Channel 5 and Endemol Shine UK ought to be ashamed of themselves for promoting such a deeply offensive and nasty person on prime time television. Her repulsive writings on the Hitler, the Holocaust and on Jewish people make her a totally unacceptable participant for this programme. Channel 5 ought to remove her immediately from the programme, and apologise fully for their enormous error of judgement. She should then be given the exact amount of public attention as she deserves: none.

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