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    Reinstate Baroness Hayter

    Baroness Dianne Hayter was sacked by Jeremy Corbyn from her position as Shadow Brexit Minister in the House of Lords. Her offence? Comparing the bunker-like mentality of Corbyn’s Office with that in the last days of the Nazi regime (as depicted in the film ‘Downfall’). The sacking came less than a week after the Panorama programme which revealed how traumatised some Labour staff members have become, not by comparisons such as Hayter’s but by the interference in the disciplinary process by people close to Corbyn. Labour’s response was reprehensible (see image). According to Labour, Baroness Hayter was sacked for “comparing the Labour leader and staff to the Nazi regime [which is] truly contemptible and grossly insensitive to Jewish staff." This statement only serves to continue the contemptible gaslighting and apparently deliberate misrepresentation of what is and is not offensive to Jews by the Labour leadership. Instead of listening to the Jewish community representatives about what actually is offensive to them, they appear to have misappropriated Baroness Hayter's support for the Jewish community and used this as yet another opportunity to inflict further damage. Corbyn shows zero sensitivity to antisemitism but is prepared to use it to turn the tables on one of his critics. It is utterly cynical and duplicitous. The Jewish people and others who sign this petition declare that they did not find Baroness Hayter’s comments at all offensive. We call for Baroness Hayter to be restored to her Shadow Ministerial position immediately.

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    Petitioning Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP

    Stop PalExpo

    ************************************************************************Remembering Jason Silver BDE who took his own life on 4 February 2018. He had been thrown out of Palexpo the previous July for nothing more than wearing a kipa (Jewish head covering). A suicide note mentioned his frustration with the CPS and with the Mail, for failing to publish his letter protesting at his eviction from Palexpo. “Maybe my death will help to bring attention to antisemitism” he wrote.**************************************************************************The second PalExpo is scheduled for 6/7 July at Olympia London. It is organised by the extremist-supporting Friends of Al Aqsa. At least 37 of the speakers have a record of antisemitism or support for BDS or other demonisation of Israel. The event will feature ‘Interactive Installations’ including: • BDS: Have a go at knocking down apartheid in a game of BDS bowling. • Education: what obstacles will you face on your journey to school? Walk towards the oversized book to find out. • Child prisoners: See what state a child’s bedroom is left in after Israeli troops arrest them during a night raid. • Water: Fill up the buckets and watch the scale tip when measuring water disparity between Israel & Palestine. • Checkpoints: Walk with the most vulnerable Palestinians who pass through checkpoints daily. Will you be able to answer their questions? • Apartheid wall: See how you interact with your family during a meal with the Apartheid wall cutting through the dinner table. A symbol of how families are separated by the wall. [The cartoon on this petition is on the PalExpo website] • Settlements: 3D settlements placed on the disappearing maps will show you the density and increase of Israeli settlements over time. • Sport in Palestine: Score some goals and have a kick about in the football area where you can learn how occupation restricts the beautiful game. • A&E in Gaza: Feeling unwell? Visit doctors in the Gaza hospital and see the difference in treatment Palestinians receive. • UN tent: Hear personal stories from three generations on the impact of the Nakba and importance of the Right to Return. Set in a 1948 UN tent. The event is over a weekend and has been organised with children in mind. The children who go will be brainwashed to hate Israel and Jews.  

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    Petitioning The Speaker of the House of Commons

    Abuse of privilege: MPs mustn't show film in Parliament which denies antisemitism!

    Jewish News is reporting that Chris Williamson MP is using a room in Parliament next Monday to show "Witchhunt" (the film starring Jackie Walker which says that allegations of antisemitism in Labour are false and represent a plot to undermine Corbyn). The film is antisemitic and promotes the cause of someone suspended from Labour and subject to the Party's disciplinary procedures.This is a gross abuse of MPs' privilege to book rooms free of charge in Parliament. It is an abuse of a taxpayer-funded building. Williamson must hire a commercial venue if he wants to show this antisemitic film.The film includes the following lies (most are antisemitic):- Mark Thomas saying that Israel is an apartheid state and that the allegations of antisemitism in Labour are a ‘witchhunt against Israel’s fiercest critics’; - Moshe Machover saying that Israel’s critics ‘are denigrated as antisemites’; - An allegation by Walker that Israel Advocacy Movement is funded by Israel; - The suggestion that David Collier’s ‘political connections are open to question’; - The suggestion by Professor Lewis Gordon that ‘Jews who want to be white benefit from the idea of a Jew-hating black’;- Wimborne-Idrissi saying IHRA is ‘designed to prevent criticism of Israel’ and that local authorities were defrauded into adopting it; - The commentator saying that Israel is ‘moving to full-blown apartheid’; - The commentator saying  “The Zionist project, emboldened by unprecedented support from the Trump White House, is now surging ahead in its attempt to eliminate Palestine from history.  Its muscular ultra-nationalism has become a model and an inspiration not just for white supremacists in America but for extreme right regimes now emerging across parts of Europe. …. Recent large scale far right demonstrations in central London have revealed a convergence of fascist and neo-Nazi groups with hard line Zionists".

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    Petitioning House of Lords Commissioner for Standards

    Expel Baroness Tonge from the House of Lords

    Baroness Tonge delights in baiting Jews...............She has said that Israel causes antisemitism; has proposed that the IDF and the Israeli Medical Association establish an inquiry into antisemitic allegations that an emergency Israeli medical team in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake was stealing body parts;  and has said that "Israel is not going to be there forever in its present form."Most recently Baroness Tonge chaired a meeting in Parliament where attendees compared Israel to ISIS and claimed Jews ‘provoked’ their own genocide.  She failed to speak out against this antisemitic libel. Baroness Tonge abuses her privileged position in the House of Lords to harass Jewish people. A position for which she is paid £300 per day attendance allowance, plus travel expenses and subsidised restaurant facilities. It is intolerable that Baroness Tonge should remain a member of the House of Lords. Only the House itself has the power to expel a member. This can only happen by a vote, after the Lords Commissioner for Standards has found a member in breach of the Code of Conduct, that finding of breach is upheld by the Committee for Privileges and Conduct, and that Committee has recommended expulsion.Baroness Tonge is currently under investigation by the Commissioner for allegedly breaking the rules on the use of House facilities. However this is a relatively minor offence and is not likely to result in suspension, let alone expulsion.  Most recently she posted an antisemitic article on her Facebook page which falsely claims that the President of Israel made antisemitic Jew/Nazi comparisons.  However the Commissioner has refused to investigate this, saying that the Code of Conduct "does not extend to members’ performance of duties unrelated to parliamentary proceedings; and it is outside my remit to consider complaints about members’ expression of views or opinions. I interpret that as covering members’ posts on social media.”The very last straw was Baroness Tonge's email to the Community Security Trust  on 2 February, in response to being sent the 2016 Antisemitic Incidents Report. She wrote: "Do you NEVER consider that the actions of the Israeli government are contributing towards this rise? Sadly, many people do not distinguish between Jewish people and Mr Netanyahu and his colleagues. If CST and the Board of Deputies spoke up against the abuse if [sic] human rights, flagrant disregard for International law and the Geneva Convention they would do much to improve the situation there. The perpetual victim mentality of your organisation is counter productive and does not help real decent Jewish people.We want a country free of all racism."Never before has anyone managed to pack so many offences against the Jewish People into less than 100 words: 1. The allegation that Israel causes antisemitism;  2. The allegation that the Prime Minister of Israel is not Jewish! 3. The suggestion that Jews in the UK should condemn the [non-existent] 'abuse of human rights', [non-existent] 'disregard of international law and the Geneva Convention'; 4. The suggestion that if they do not condemn these things, they will be adding to antisemitism; 5. The allegation that the CST - the organisation that protects Jews - has a 'victim mentality' and does not help 'real decent Jewish people'. Enough is enough.  Baroness Tonge has been expelled from the Liberal Democrat Party, so that if there ever was any Party discipline that kept her from the most outrageous offences against Jews, it has vanished. She is nearly 76 years old so still has many years of opportunity to pour further vitriol upon Israel and Jews.We therefore call upon the Standards Commissioner to rule that Baroness Tonge is in breach of the requirement to act on personal honour. We refute the Commissioner's claim that her activities outside the Chamber are unrelated to Parliamentary business; Baroness Tonge's activities in the Lords includes many speeches and questions about the Middle East. In any case if a member is using their position to abuse a minority, we consider it shameful that the Commissioner - and indeed the whole House - should stand idly by. It makes a mockery of Parliament's declarations to fight antisemitism. After the Commissioner finds Baroness Tonge in breach of the requirement to act on personal honour, we call on the Committee for Privileges and Conduct (whose Chair is Lord McFall) to uphold the finding and recommend expulsion. Finally - we call on the House to vote for Baroness Tonge's expulsion.

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