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    Texas' #DonHutto140 to EBJ & Women of Congressional Black Caucus: #CameroonTPS

    #CameroonTPS PLEA from detained Cameroonian women to the Congresswomen of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).  Six months before the ICE whistleblower by Dawn Wooten shared about sterilization of women (see our #FreePauline campaign), 140 Cameroonian women courageously protested medical negligence in the ICE Don Hutto Residential Center. Cameroonian women have been at the forefront of this fight since early 2020, yet have been erased and vulnerable throughout their migration, specifically in these 5 ways: 1. Women have the worst outcomes in the ongoing war in Cameroon. 2. In traveling to the U.S. and trekking on foot through 8 Latin American countries, they face anti-Africanness, anti-Blackness, and rampant sexism and gender violence. 3. The early 2020 protest ( by the #DonHutto140 was met with swift retaliation, as these women were separated and sent to various detention centers across the country, compared to a slower retaliation for men protesting. 4. In September 2020, when the world learned about the horrible medical practices at the Irwin County Detention Center, these women's courage was erased, even though they raise the alarm first. 5. Last month when the House put out a resolution H. Res. 1221 ( on Cameroon, various detention centers were cited except many of the places where the #DonHutto140 are now detained, including e.g. ICE detention in Laredo, TX. For these reasons, the Cameroonian women are seeking justice through #CameroonTPS. Their friends and families gathered at the offices of the following 5 Congressional offices on Nov. 20, to make their voices heard and demand #Justice4CameroonWomen: 1. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson - Dallas, Texas. 2. Sen. Kamala Harris - Los Angeles, California. 3. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester - Wilmington, Delaware. 4. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton - Washington, DC. 5. Rep. Joyce Beatty - Columbus, Ohio. Since this is the last week of Congress being in session in 2020, Cameroonian women are looking to connect with fellow Black women members of the CBC. For the holidays, they are asking that the women of the CBC hear their cry and do the following 3 things: 1. Lift their stories of resistance and help them on their path to justice via #CameroonTPS. 2. Fight for their fellow Black women and introduce a resolution on #CameroonTPS THIS WEEK. 3. Connect to the Black women on the Biden-Harris transition team, including: - Kamala Harris - Lisa Blunt Rochester - Linda Thomas-Greenfield - Karine Jean-Pierre - Cecilia Rouse - Marcia Fudge Please fight for these Cameroonian women! #DonHutto140 #CameroonTPS #Justice4CameroonWomen #FreeCameroonians

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    Cameroon Diaspora To ICE: #FreePauline By Her Daughter's Sept 30th Birthday!

    Friday, September 18, 2020. Today, as part of September as National African Immigrant Heritage, Cameroon American Council, and partners Families Belong Together and America's Voice hosted a #FreedomFriday press call to get Pauline Binam immediately released from immigration detention by September 30th 2020, which is her daughter's birthday. Our Cameroon sister, Pauline Binam is one of thousands of Cameroonians detained by ICE (many of whom flee Cameroon, trek 8 Latin American countries only to face detention, deportation and the case our brother Nebane Abienwi). Pauline has been detained for 3 years by ICE. She has been tortured, her body violated and her reproductive organs stolen without her consent. This is an abomination in her ancestral Bassa culture and Pauline needs to be immediately released to seek culturally sensitive reproductive mental health counseling and Bassa rites. Then ICE hastily proceeded to make attempts to deport her during a pandemic to Cameroon, a country which a recent Senate resolution notes is engulfed in several armed conflicts. Yet, the storied resilience of her Bassa heritage, Pauline, her family, the Cameroon community and allies plunged into advocacy to get Congress to prevent her deportation. According to media sources such as NPR, Joe Penney, and Linda Bonglack, the halting of  the trifecta of: 1. Advocacy by family/community, 2. Congressional push by Members of Congress such as Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee, and 3. ICE's practice of using fake deportation papers to force Cameroonians in deportation. Instead of sending Pauline home to Baltimore, ICE returned her into detention to face retaliation and more medical negligence. Pauline's has suffered enough. Send her home immediately to be hugged and healed by her family in their ancestral Bassa rites.  Release Pauline immediately and send her home to Baltimore by September 30th, that way she can celebrate her daughter's birthday and September as National African Immigrant Heritage Month. Thank you for your swift response to our plea. Alfred Aboya  International Basketball Coach, and Ambassador for the Cameroon American Council's #AdvocateForDetainees. @AlAboya12   @CamAmerCouncil

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    ICE: #ReleaseElvira Detained Since 2017. 26 year old Mom. Sufferer of Asthma & Hepatitis.

    The Honorable Tammy Fitting AND U.S. Department of Homeland Security AND California U.S. Senate Offices AND Ohio U.S. Senate Offices AND Washington U.S. Senate Offices March 30th 2020 Re: Detained Since 2017, Release Asthmatic Cameroonian Young Mother, Elvira, from California'sAdelanto Immigration Detention Center. We respectfully ask you to release our Cameroonian sister and friend, Elvira from California's Adelanto immigration detention and allow her to come home to her family in Ohio. Elvira is the mother of two, and a beloved sister and wife. She fled five armed conflicts in Cameroon, trekked through 8 South and Central American countries, crossing Mexico to the United States. She is seeking asylum. She has been detained in immigration jails since 2017, where she contracted Hepatitis A. With the coronavirus pandemic currently raging in the U.S., we worry that our Cameroonian sister is particularly vulnerable to becoming gravely ill and even dying. If she is released, Elvira will come live with her sister Mercy, a U.S. citizen whose husband is a pastor at the Glen Echo Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio. We are ready, willing, and more than able to provide a safe home and support to our sister as she continues the immigration court process. Elvira is a good person of faith and she is from a loving family and only wants a chance to have a safe place to live. Please show mercy on Elvira and release her to the care of her sister in Ohio, our Cameroon diaspora community in California and Ohio, and her Presbyterian faith community. This is for her own good and in the interest of public health. Sincerely, Ms. Mercy Nwana AkihElvira's sponsor andCoronavirus Pandemic Frontline Medical Professional in Ohio Ms. Carine Nwana AmmonsElvira's Sister and Coronavirus Pandemic Frontline Medical Professional in Washington State. Rev Mathias AkihElvira's brother-in-lawPastor at Glen Echo Presbyterian Church in Ohio and Steering Committee of Presbyterian Church of Cameroon in USA (PCC USA) Dr. Evelyn McClave, Professor Emerita, California State University, Northridge,Adelanto Visitation Program. Dr. Brennis Lucero WagonerProfessor EmeritaCalifornia State University, NorthridgeAdelanto Visitation Program. Diane Paul, MSW. International Human Rights Advocate and ResearcherWashington State  Daniel (Last name retracted), Southern Cameroonian and Former detainee at Theo lacy Detention Center in California,Presently in Washington State.#AdvocateForCameroonDetainees Mr. Alfred AboyaCalifornia Cameroon Diaspora Leader and former UCLA Basketball Champion.#AdvocateForCameroonDetainees In partnership with the Cameroon American Council's Cameroon Migrant Legal Defense Fund.  

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    #NewMexico CongressMembers: Be A Champ Like #Siakam & Co-Sign HR358 on #CameroonResolution

    Bonjour to our New Mexico Congressional Delegation: For 3 years, Cameroon American Council visited your offices and made phone calls on the critical conditions in Cameroon. Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors is an NBA Finals Star, and Cameroonian who once was part of our dynamic New Mexico Cameroon diaspora community! In college, Pascal Siakam played at New Mexico State University! 2015 New Mexico Media on Siakam 2019 New Mexico Media om Siakam Per UN, Siakam's native Cameroon has the 6th largest #DisplacedPeople globally, due to conflicts across Cameroon, including Boko Haram and a separatists movement known as Anglophone crisis. Be a champ like Siakam: Please show solidarity to our NM Cameroon community and kindly to co-sign the bi-partisan #CameroonResolution HR358. The House Resolution 358 was introduced by Africa Sub-committee chair, Congresswoman Karen Bass. Link to HR358:{%22search%22:[%22Cameroon%22]}&r=1 Hope y'all will be watching the NBA Finals and supporting New Mexico's and Cameroon's Pascal Siakam of the Raptors!! Many thanks, Sylvie BelloCameroon American Council

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    Petitioning Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Chair, Congresswoman Karen Bass, U.S. House of Representatives, Karen Bass

    Africans to CBC: If Kamala Is Black Enough, So Is Espaillat. #MyAfricanIsAfricanEnough

    Dear Congressional Black Caucus Chair, Karen Bass, Congratulations on your recent election as Chair of the illustrious Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), which is rightly dubbed the conscience of the United States Congress. And double congrats on your appointment as Chair of the Africa Sub-Committee in the House of Representatives. This moment is particularly special for the Cameroon American Council (CAC), because we were there when you announced your Cameroonian ancestry  and when the Cameroonian Ambassador to the U.S. warmly re-introduced you to us, your Cameroonian cousins. As America’s leading African immigrant advocacy organization, the CAC applauds your  dedication to immigration issues by virtue of your personal convictions highlighted in the  LA Times about immigration being a Black issue.   This open letter is to strengthen and expand upon the Cameroon American Council’s petition, which successfully culminated with the CBC establishing its first-ever Immigration Task Force in 2013. We also want to reintroduce our 2017 request that the CBC prioritizes Black Undocumented Immigrants on its agenda and within the CBC member ranks. Specifically, we are asking that you accept the request of membership of all Blacks in Congress, including Congressman Adriano Espaillat, a former undocumented individual who is, like you and me, is of African descent. We recently celebrated the birthdays of two visionary Black leaders, Martin Luther King and Arturo Alfonso Schomburg. Yet this February, as we honor the birthday of the pioneer Rosa Parks and celebrate Black History Month, it is a perfect time for the CBC to address our request and petition for an inclusive Black agenda and membership. And like Rosa Parks or Queen Esther in the Bible, it will take a woman to lead CBC, for such a time like this. Such a time like this, when 2019 marks 400 years of our shared ancestors being sold in Virginia. Such a  time like this, when the United Nations resolution 68/237 declared 2019 as part of  The International Decade for People of African Descent. Such a  time like this when the Black community in USA is no longer monolithic. And the diversity and inclusion of ALL African descent is especially needed. For instance, Espaillat’s congressional district of Harlem and Bronx in New York includes a significant African immigrant community (Little Senegal), greater Black immigrant community (Spanish Harlem) and the quintessential Black in America narrative (Harlem Renaissance). Such a time like this, when Census 2020 is upon us and the rest of America looks to the CBC as microcosm of who will be counted as Black in America. Your predecessors at the CBC and other CBC members officially voiced two main objections to Espaillat’s membership into the CBC. First, CBC members cannot been part of two of the three minority/ethnic Caucuses and Espaillat’s membership in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), excludes him from CBC.  Second, CBC only allows Congress members of African descent, and Espaillat  may not be Black or Black enough or self-identify as an African descendant. To debunk these objections, you’d agree that it is indeed FALSE that one can’t be a member of the CBC and simultaneously be part of another ethnic/minority caucus. About a dozen African-American members are currently in two of the three ethnic/minority caucuses.  The CBC members in the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) include: Kamala Harris, Bobby Scott, Al Green, Barbara Lee, Gregory Meeks, Hakeem Jeffries, Marcia Fudge, Maxine Waters, Bonnie Watson Coleman, and of course, you, Madam CBC Chair. On the issue of Blackness, for centuries there have been debates regarding who is Black and who is considered of African descent, even in the halls of congress. Rumors have swelled about Congressman G.K. Butterfield who--some say appears to be--white, yet he says he is Black and was chair of Congressional Black Caucus; or Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez who some say appears Black, yet says she is Hispanic and she was chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC). With both of these congress members, the congressional tri-caucus relied on their self-identities and inducted them to CBC and CHC respectively, regardless of their appearance. That being said, Espaillat, along with (some) Dominican-Americans, self-identify as Black and Latino. In 2002, he was elected as Chair of New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus. More recently, the Congressional Research Service and Pew Research notes that in 2017, out of 500+, only two Members of congress officially indicated dual racial/ethnic identities, Senator Kamala Harris (Black and Asian) and Congressman Espaillat. If Kamala Harris is Black enough to be in the Black Caucus, so is Adriano Espaillat. Unless of course, the CBC is looking at Blackness based on country of origin or immigration status. Congressman Espaillat, born in Dominican Republic was a former undocumented Black Latino. Not only should he be included in the CBC, but so should the priorities of Black Undocumented Immigrants, such as the recent immigration arrest of Atlanta’s rapper, 21 Savage, an undocumented Black man, by ICE agents. It will take a woman to push for such a critical inclusion. That woman is you, Chair Bass. You understand the intersectionality of Blacks, immigrants and the undocumented. From one Cameroonian descendant to another, please expand CBC rules to include ALL descendants of Mama Africa. Kindest Regards, Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa Bello Cameroon American Council  (@CamAmerCouncil) #MyAfricanIsAfricanEnough  

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    US Congress: Funding for Election Observers, Fair&Free Elections in Cameroon

    Dear Members of Congress, The Cameroon Alliance for Coalition, an initiative of the Cameroon American Council. Many are calling for an opposition coalition in Cameroon, yet only the Cameroon Alliance for Coalition (CA4) initiative, has actually done the groundwork and engaged all eight (8) opposition candidates; we have mobilized in-person community conversations and held national rallies across Cameroon, United States and globally.  We are calling on Congress to immediately appeal to the State Department, to provide the funds and resources which President Trump signed into law for free and fair elections in Cameroon. We are talking about, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (P.L.115-141), directing the U.S. Department of State and USAID to make funds available for democracy programs in Cameroon and other Lake Chad Basin countries such as Chad, Niger and Nigeria. We are seeking to understanding how the U.S. will support the October 7th 2018 election, just as U.S. recently funded 7 million dollars to Mali, for Malian voter education, voting polls monitoring, and other election support.Link: Thank you for your swift consideration on this critical matter. Kind regards, Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa Bello, Founder. Cameroon Alliance Coalition- An initiative of the Cameroon American Council        

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    Seeking Solidarity Statement on Cameroon's Marginalized Anglophone Problem

    On October 21st 2016, Cameroon experienced its worst transportation disaster, when the poorly maintained roadway and railway linking the economic capital of Douala and the National Capital of Yaoundé were wrecked. In the wake of train wreckage, hundreds of people were killed and injured, while Cameroon’s President was on an extended stay out of the country. At that time, the Cameroon American Council led a successful petition to get to the President of Cameroon, His Excellency, Paul Biya, to immediately return to Cameroon to comfort the victims of the transportation wreckage and to address the poor and failing transportation and infrastructure in Cameroon. Exactly one month later, on November 21st 2016, a young activist, Mancho Bibixy, bought a coffin and took to the streets to echo Cameroon’s failing infrastructure and focusing on the grossly marginalized and neglected North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.  Mr. Mancho Bibixy's (known as Mancho-BBC) passionate protest erupted and escalated into region wide demonstrations from Lawyers, Teachers, Students and Transporters. This coalition of protestors is denouncing more than 30 years of gross marginalization of the Paul Biya’s regime towards the English speaking Cameroonians of the North West and South West. This is known as the Anglophone Problem as stated by the Cameroonian Prime Minister, H.E. Philemon Yang. Friends of Cameroon in other countries such as Belgium and United Kingdom, have organized solidarity rallies and vigils in support of the struggles of the Anglophones in Cameroon.  The Cameroon American Council, acknowledge that the United States Government recently put out a travel advisory specifically on the recent protests in Bamenda.  Yet, the State Department failed to acknowledge that the reason of the protests was the gross marginalization of the people of Bamenda and Buea, and the subsequent violent retaliation of Biya’s regime. Today, the Cameroon American Council, is calling on the United States Congress  to acknowledge and stand in solidarity with the grossly marginalized Anglophones of the North West and South West Region of Cameroon. Why is a peaceful Cameroon critical for United States?           1.   CAMEROON IS THE HUB: according to the US Embassy, Cameroon serves as   the transportation hub for US Economic interests, connecting Cameroon's see ports with five land locked countries in Central Africa Region namely- Congo DRC, Congo, Chad, Gabon, Central Africa Republic.            2. CAMEROON IS THE HEART: According to the White House, Cameroon serves as the U.S. Military operational heart in combatting Boko Haram terrorists.             3. CAMEROON IS THE HAVEN: According to the United Nations, Cameroon is the refugee haven for the unstable Central Africa Region and a fragile Nigeria. With Cameroon as HUB, HEART AND HAVEN (3H) for United States interests in the Central African region, it is with fierce urgency that we request for solidarity action towards the grossly marginalized Cameroonians from the United States. Cameroonian diaspora in the Unites States are vibrant and make significant contributions to United States, as illustrated by Congressman Chris Gibson, Republican of New York and Founding Member of the Congressional Cameroon Caucus. Now more than ever, Cameroonians who are marginalized need the support and solidarity from the United States. It is unthinkable that a hospitable country like Cameroon hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees can grossly marginalized its own people. U.S. Congress, your support and solidarity is sought, by the people of Bamenda in the North West Region and the people of Buea in the South West Region.  Thank you. Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa BelloCameroon American Council and allies.==========French Translation of Petition Below:========== APPEL À LA DECCLARATION DE SOUTIEN AU PROBLÈME DE MARGINASATION DES ANGLOPHONES AU CAMEROUN. Le 21 Octobre 2016, le Cameroun a expérimenté le pire de Ses Accidents de Circulation, quand Des Routes et Chemins de Fer Mal Entretenus reliant Sa Capitale Économique Douala Á la Capitale Nationale étaient détruits. Á L’issue de cet Accident Ferroviaire, des Centaines de gens étaient Mortes et blessées pendant que le President Camerounais passait un Séjour prolongé hors du Pays. Á ce moment, Cameroon American Council á avec succès mèné une Pétition pour Atteindre et amener Le President de la Republique, Son Excellence Paul Biya à rentrer immédiatement conforter les Victimes de cette Tragedie et addresser le problème des pauvres et décadantes systèmesde Transportation et Infrastructures. Exactement un Mois plutard, le 21 Novembre 2016, un jeune Activiste , Mancho Bibixy, achète un Cercueil et descend dans les Rues pour Retentir l’état délabré des Infrastructures au Cameroun, soulignant les Regions grossement marginalisées et négligeés du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest Cameroun. La Manifestation passionnée de Mr. Mancho Bibixy (connu comme Mancho BBC), a éclaté et escaladé dans une Démonstration Régionale générale des Avocats, Enseignants, Etudiants et Transporteurs. Cette Coalition de Manifestants dénoncent plus de 30 ans de grosse marginalisation du Regime du President Paul Biya à l’égard des Camerounais du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest qui parlent Englais comme premiere Langue. Ceci est connu comme “Le Problème Anglophone”, souligné par le Premier Ministre Camerounais, H.E. Philemon Yang. Les Amis du Cameroun d’autres Pays tel que la Belgique et l’Angleterre, ont organisé des Marches de Solidarité et des Veilles au support du combat Pacifique des Anglophones au Cameroun. Cameroon American Council reconnaît que le Gouvernement Américain a récemment délivré un Avis de Voyage aux visiteurs Americains par rapport á ces récentes demonstrations à Bamenda… Cependant, le Département d’Etat Americain à échoué de reconnaître que ces Démonstrations ont pour cause, la brute Marginalisation des Peuple de Bamenda et Buea; et ultérieurement les Représailles violentes du Regime Biya. Aujourd’hui, Cameroon American Council, fait appel au Congrès des Etats Unis D’Amérique (USA) de reconnaître et Être Solidaire avec les Anglophones grossièrement marginalisés des Regions du Nord-Ouest et Sud-Ouest du Cameroun. La Paix au Cameroun, pourquoi est-Il critique aux Etats-Unis d’Amérique? LE CAMEROUN EST LE MOYEU: D’après l’Embassade des Etats Unis, Le Cameroun sert de Moyeu pour les Interêts Economiques Américaines, connectant les Ports Maritimes Camerounais à Cinq Pays de L’Afrique Centrale, à savoir: République Démocratique du Congo , Congo, Chad, Gabon, République Centre-Africaine. LE CAMEROUN EST LE CŒUR: D’àprès la Maison Blanche, le Cameroun est au Cœur de Son Opérations Militaire contre le groupe Terroriste Boko Haram. LE CAMEROUN EST UN REFUGE: D’Après les Nations-Unis le Cameroun est un Refuge pour les réfugiés de l’ instable Region centrale d’Afrique et du Nigeria. Avec le Cameroun comme MOYEU, CŒUR et RÉFUGE (MCR) des Interêts Americaines dans la Region Centrale D’Afrique, c’est avec une Urgence féroce et déterminée que Nous sollicitons des Etats Unis d’ Amérique une Action de Solidarité au regard des Communautés grossièrement marginalisées au Cameroun. La Diaspora Camerounaise Des Etats Unis d’Amerique est Vibrante et Apporte Une Contribution Importante Aux USA comme illustré Par le Congressman Chris Gibson, Republicain de l’État de New York et Membre Fondateur Du Congressional Cameroon Caucus. Maintenant plus que jamais, Les Camerounais Marginalisés ont besoin Du Support et Solidarité Des États Unis d’Amerique. C’est impensable qu’un Pays qui donne Réfuge Aux Voisins marginalise aussi grossièrement Son propre Peuple. Au Congrès Américain, Votre Support et Solidarité est exhorté par Les Populations de Bamenda et Buea, respectivement des Regions du Nord-Ouest et Sud-Ouest Cameroun. Merci. Sylvie Qwasinwi Ngassa BelloCameroon American Council Et Alliés

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