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The California Dream Network is a statewide network of existing and emerging college campus organizations who actively address issues primarily affecting undocumented students and the immigrant community. 

We serve as a base for the mobilization, politicization, and empowerment of young people regardless of their citizenship status, political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnic nationality in the larger social movement for equal access to education, immigration reform, and economic and social justice.

The CA Dream Network seek to serve as a primary source for innovating ideas and action to ameliorate the plight of undocumented students. We seek to serve as the central meeting ground for existing and emerging groups who actively address undocumented student issues and who work to create broader social change around immigration reform and access to higher education at the local, state, and federal levels. 

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Petitioning Cecilia Muñoz

DREAMer Fights to Stay in the US - Ricardo Needs Your Help!

Ricardo Muniz is a 22-year old student, environmentalist, community activist, teen mentor, DREAM promoter, son, and brother.  He is originally from Michoacan, Mexico, and was brought over by his parents to the United States when he was seven years old.Ricardo is a student at Fullerton Jr. College and wants to go on to pursue a double major in international business and environmental economy.  His dream is to create environmentally friendly homes and structures and to financially care for his mother who has worked so hard for him.  Ricardo owns up to his challenges as a growing youth in a tough neighborhood in Anaheim.  Today, he's an inspirational speaker at men's and women's conferences and focuses on keeping youth in school.“I feel like an American.  I want to stay here in America. I want a future here in America.  I want to be the future for America,” says Ricardo about his dreams and his future.On May 19, 2011, Ricardo received notice that he is to be deported by June 9, 2011.  “I felt like someone had taken my heart out and smashed it against the floor,” he said.  “I felt like my hopes were dashed.” Ricardo is determined not to be deported without a fight.  "It's an injustice that I am not given a chance to prove that I am good for this nation," he says. [UPDATE: Ricardo remains in the US but the most critical days for him are ahead. A legal effort, however, is underway and his attorney is convinced continued public support (signatures, letters, etc.) is important, now more than ever. Ricardo is anxious but marches on with hope; he’s studying, helping out in this campaign, attending volunteer activities, and helping out his family. Please keep those signatures coming because very soon we will need them to support Ricardo’s case. We will be posting updates about his struggle periodically. THANK YOU for your support.] Ricardo is an active member in his community and a strong advocate for equal access to higher education. Just recently Ricardo performed in a play to commemorate the federal court case Mendez vs. Westminster and to ensure that the importance of Mendez vs. Westminster in American history will not be forgotten. Ricardo would qualify for the DREAM Act, a bill that enjoys broad support among Democrat and Republican voters. President Obama and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano have both stated that deporting DREAM-eligible youth is not a priority. Attorneys and community advocates are pursuing every possible avenue to assist Ricardo. Ricardo is not ready to let go of his dreams and he is fighting his deportation order but he needs your help. CHIRLA, the California DREAM Network (CDN), and United We Dream joins Ricardo in requesting you to take action to stop Ricardo’s deportation so he can continue to contribute to his community, help his family, and  pursue his higher educational goals.  Would you like to help Ricardo stay in "his America"? Please sign this petition urging DHS Janet Napolitano and ICE Director Morton not to deport Ricardo. Ricardo is an asset to our state and to our country and we should be fighting to keep immigrants like him here, not deporting them to countries they know little about. Make sure you let Napolitano and Morton know you want Ricardo to remain in the country as they are the only ones who can step in and prevent his deportation.  Call the DHS message line at and ICE message line at 202-732-3000 (call-in script below).  Call in Script: “I am calling on behalf of Ricardo Munoz (A#96-139-441), an undocumented student who is facing deportation back to Mexico. Ricardo has lived in Orange County since he was 7.   Ricardo has been an active community member helping young people in his community stay away from gangs and drugs, takes three to four classes a quarter seeking to get a double major in international business administration and ecological business.  Ricardo participates in state-wide educational campaigns with the California DREAM Network and works every night at a Laundromat to help his mother with bills and rent. The reason I am calling is to ask that you do something to stop Ricardo from being deported.” PLEASE FORWARD THIS PETITION AND ACTION ALERT TO AT LEAST 5 FRIENDS AND TELL THEM TO: 1.       Contact the DHS Message line at (202) 282-8495 2.       Sign THIS petition which will be hand-delivered to Napolitano and Morton. 3.       Join the California DREAM Network Facebook page for immediate updates: and action alerts at

California Dream Network
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Petitioning California Governor

Support and Pass the CA Dream Act!

UPDATE: On Monday, August 25th, Governor Jerry Brown signed the slimmer portion of the California Dream Act (AB 130) into law during a visit to Los Angeles. On September 4th, 2011 the California State Assembly approved AB 131 - the second half of the CA Dream Act and sent it over to Governor Brown's desk for signature. Now, Governor Brown has until October 9th to sign or veto AB 131. We thank you for your support and urge you to take action. Call Governor Brown and Ask Him to Sign the DreamActTake action right now: Call 916-445-2841 Press 1 for English Then press 2 Then press 1 Lastly, press 1 to vote YES for AB 131 - The CA DREAM ACT! If you get a busy signal - please keep trying!   ______________________________________________________________ Every year, approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high schools across the nation with 40 percent of them residing in the state of California. A significant number of these hard-working immigrant youth are student body presidents, honor students, community leaders,  outstanding athletes, and aspiring professionals who desire to pursue and complete a higher education and contribute back to their communities. However, due to their immigration status undocumented students are unable to access state or federal financial aid and thus cannot pursue their higher educational goals.  The CA Dream Act (AB130 and AB131) is common sense legislation that must be enacted into law to provide equal access to higher education to all California students. AB 130 would allow students who meet in-state tuition requirements to apply for and receive scholarships derived from non-state funds, while AB 131 would provide Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver, Institutional Student Aid, and Cal Grants. Both, AB 130 and AB 131 would ensure that California’s investment in the education of immigrant youth continues beyond K-12 by granting hard-working undocumented youth the opportunity to pursue and achieve their higher educational goals and thus create a more educated, innovative and competitive workforce. At a time when the economic projections for the state of California suggest that by 2025, two of every five jobs will require a college graduate, we must ensure that all California students have equal access to higher education.

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