The Center for African Affairs & Global Peace

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The Center for African Affairs and Global Peace’s (CAAGLOP) mission is to encourage the involvement of Africans and the International community in national and regional development through the use of local knowledge and personal involvement in order to develop mechanisms that will obtain effective and sustainable results in the fight against hunger, poverty, unemployment, human rights abuses and the AIDS pandemic in Africa and the world. Its activities are aimed at providing information to a large number of Africans & the International community regarding issues that affect their daily lives and to provide a forum for self-expression as well as interacting with others on various social, political, health, economic and educational issues through caaglop's independent social network Opinionbox, which also has an expert group panel & holds policy briefs.

CAAGLOP aims to create a platform that will be used to provide information to various peoples on policy-related issues, and to encourage public participation to influence the development and implementation of policies. Its activities focus on reaching people in Africa and the diaspora to raise awareness as well as to promote dialogue between policy makers and the general public. This is an area that is much talked about but for which there are insufficient mechanisms in place for significant achievements to be made.

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